Nima Police Shields Fake Ecobank Lawyer


As Crime Officer Throws Tantrums Against Complainant

By Cecil Mensah

An employee of ECOBANK Transnational, a subsidiary of ECONANK Ghana Limited, has landed in the grips of the Police for posing as a lawyer and working with the international financial institution, when he does not have any legal training; not even an LLB.

Mr. Mamadou Saidou Camara, even though not a lawyer, was made head of the Legal Department of the company for years. He was recently arrested by the Nima Divisional Police Command in Accra, but the body language of the police, suggest they had been compromised.

Amazingly, officials of the institution stormed the police station ready to offer anything to the police, to spare the officer involved. Their claim was that, the issued was a dent on their reputation, hence must be covered up. Other claims are that, the institution intend sending him to Togo, to avoid a possible criminal trial.

Mr. Mamadou Saidou Camara, is a Guinean national and works with the bank’s subsidiary called, eProcess International SA. He was arrested and released on bail pending further investigations after a complaint was lodged about his illicit activities as a lawyer in the country.

According to The Herald’s information, the man, has been carrying himself as a professional lawyer, since he was assigned to the Ghana office of Ecobank Transnational PLC.

When The Herald contacted the Divisional Crime Officer of the Nima Division Police Command, he confirmed the arrest, but failed to give details on the exact date the fake lawyer was arrested.

He further asked for the source of the information from this reporter.

He questioned, how the non-Ghanaian, has held himself as a lawyer, adding that the man worked as the Head of the legal Department of the multinational financial institution in the country.

The Nima Divisional Crime Officer, whose name this reporter later got as Monno, questioned why the complainant in the case, did not know all these, while the man was not a lawyer and only realized it when he was sacked from the institution.

He revealed that, the issue has traveled to the Police headquarters back and forth, and his boss, Mr. Nuhu Zango, the Divisional Commander, has asked to meet all the parties involved in the matter.

I am about arranging a meeting for my boss to meet all the parties involved in the matter, he claimed.

He also claimed to be working on forwarding the docket to the Attorney-General’s Department for advice and if there is a possibility for the man to be prosecuted for impersonation, so be it.

However, The Herald’s investigations corroborated by documentary evidence and search from the General legal Council (GLC), the licensing body for lawyers in the country, has confirmed that, Mr. Camara, was not on the Roll of Lawyers In Ghana.

A response to a request by one of the complainant in the case, dated June 23, 2015 headlined, “Search” reads “We respond to your letter of June 11, 2015 in respect of the above.

“The records of Ghana Bar Association National Secretariat and those of the GLC Sub-Committee on Chambers Registration and Issuance of Solicitors’ licenses’ reveal that; (i) Mamadou Saidou Camara is not on the Roll of Lawyers in Ghana and that (ii) Legal Department of eProcess SA is not registered to operate as a law firm or chamber”.

The document intercepted by The Herald was signed by Justice A. Amenuvor, National Secretary on behalf of the chair of Ghana legal Council Committee on Solicitors License and registration of Chambers.

Another letter dated June11, 2015, headlined, Re-search and Signed by Bernard Bentil, the Administrative Secretary of GLC
said “I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 11, 2015, on the above subject matter.

This is to inform you that, Mr. Mamadou Saidou Camara, is not a lawyer. His name is not on the roll of lawyers.
In spite of all these cautions and denial from GLC Mr. Camara, has been operating a law firm.

Both letters were addressed to one Kofi Somuah of Lithur Brew & Company, a law firm.

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