Nii Lante Vanderpuye Deserves Commendation Not Condemnation


The Youth and Sports Ministry, is one of the most difficult ministries in the country, over the past seven years, it has seen more ministers come and go, more than any ministry, yet it problems keep compounding.

From every standpoint, it is supposed to be the easiest of all the ministries to handle, because every activity of that ministry unites the nation.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the ministry have worked in harmony over the years, because the various ministers, have failed to do what needed to be done.

The GFA, want to be autonomous of government interference, yet it is the tax payers money that is used to fund their activities.

The current minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, since his appointment, has ended the romance and has made it clear to the GFA that, they are also accountable to the good people of this country and that, enough is enough.

The unhealthy relationship has gone a notch higher, when the minister, said the government, was not going to grant the Black Stars players tickets to fly for the 2017 Nations Cup qualifier against Rwanda, taking place over the weekend.

For the first time, as we say in Ghana, the GFA, have met it meter, and sanity will be restored at the association.
No institution, must operate as if it is above the laws of the land, how come every minster, who walks through the ministry, leaves with his head down, whiles the hawks at the GFA, keep soaring high.

Ministers, who dared challenged, how things are run at the GFA, will have themselves to blame. NII Lante, who might come across to them as unreasonable and uncompromising, is the best person to bring sanity to the GFA.

We at The Herald, supports his efforts and reforms, which are long overdue, it is high time, someone speaks for the millions of silent Ghanaians, who feel things are not run properly at the GFA.

Not too long ago, Ghana, used to excel in many sports disciplines, but today, even the youth football that used to keep us awake at night is dying, colts football is dead, the local league is a pale shadow of its former self, the Black Stars, which is the cash cow of the GFA, is the only thing working in Ghana.

Kudos, Mr Minister, and shame to all those, who are working hard to make sure the status quo at the GFA, remain.

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