Nigerians Have No Right To Vote In Ghana’s Elections –High Commissioner


By Cecil Mensah

The Nigerian High Commission, has warned all citizens of Nigerian to desist from partaking in domestic issues that concerns this year’s elections in Ghana.

“No Nigerian, has the right to vote in Ghana’s elections except, that Nigerian, has naturalized as a Ghanaian to vote.

It is under no circumstance that a Nigerian would register to votes in a foreign land”, were the words of Mrs. Adekunbi Sonaike-Ayodeji, the Acting Nigerian High Commissioner in Ghana.

Mrs. Sonaike-Ayodeji, gave this warnings in reaction to a false statement that a Nigerian was arrested by the Ghana Police for registering to vote in the upcoming November 7, polls in Accra.

According to her, there is no iota of doubt that Ghana –Nigeria relations are solid since 1960 and both countries, have experienced healthy relations when it comes to its citizens abiding by the law.

She said, the recent incident about a supposed ‘Nigerian ‘named Evangelist vandal and his accomplice identified as Solomon Kpakpo arrested by the Ghana Police and reported to have registered in the just ended limited voter’s registration exercise was not true.

She said, that the issues of criminals often being paraded as Nigerians without proof to validate it is fast becoming a worry to the High Commission; as it in the interest of the commission to always collaborate with its host country.

She noted that the news reported widely in the media on May 6, 2016 narrated how the two culpritswere arrested by the police but silent on how they concluded that Evangelist Vandal was a Nigerian.

“Our investigations are that Evangelist Vandal is not a Nigerian, we don’t have his name in our data base neither has the Police provided any evidence to validate the claims in the report that he is a Nigerian,” she explained.

According to her, a few months ago, similar story surfaced that a Deputy Nigerian High Commissioner, was involved in a road accident which turned out to be false.

She added that, the nationality of a Nigerian, could only be confirmed valid, if he or she carries a document that confirms the above provision in the form of a Nigeria international passport verified as authentic by the Consular department of the High Commission.

She said, according to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, one can either be a Nigerian by birth; naturalization and subject the provisions of section 28 of the Constitution.

She said, the commission has always advised Nigerians in the country at various platforms, not to make an attempt to vote in any elections in Ghana, as it contravenes the laws of the country they resides in.

She added that, just as a foreigner is not allowed by the federal laws of Nigeria to vote in any Nigerian election, so is the situation in Ghana.

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