Nigerians Community Chief of Liberia Camp extends Christmas Greetings and Message to his people.


Bernard Quanson.

The  Chief of Nigeria Community at Gomoa Budumburam,[ also known as Liberia Camp], Chief TijaniYusif , has called on all Nigerians at Gomoa Budumburam and those of them in Ghana to be Law abiding and be good to all.

Speaking in his Annual New Year Message, in an interview with the Media at Buduburam in the Central Region over the Weekend, Chief Yusif, advised all his people to behave well during the upcoming Christmas festivities and the New Year, when people usually get carried away with  joy and  behave in ways that are against the law.

He continued that, they should not do things that they know they cannot do in Nigeria and also he urged his kinsmen to desist from things that they know are forbidden and are not done in Ghana so that they can live in love and in peace with their host country, since Ghana has now become their second Country.

Chief Yusif, emphasized that he want all Nigerians in Ghana to celebrate this Christmas in love and in peace without any incident.

He stressed that, what he wants is for Nigerians to live in peace with Ghanaians, adding that he wants development also for his people for them to progress in life as well.

He called on all tribal Nigerian leaders in Ghana to mobilise their people to do all that is within their reach, to support in the development of Ghana, so that both Ghanaians and Nigerians can enjoy together.

The Chief averred that, his office is working together with the Chief of Gomoa Budumbura to provide three bore holes to provide potable drinking water for all the people in the area as prove that they want development for all and not for only Nigerians, as the said water project, would serve both Ghanaians and Nigerians and all others from other countries in the West -Africa sub –region who live in the Liberia Camp.

He said, such projects bring unity and make people united, so they are vigorously pursuing that water agenda and prayed that God helps them to achieve that goal.

He thanked Nana Kojo Essel II, the Chief of Gomoa Budumburam for establishing a taskforce which is responsible for peace and tranquillity in the area.

He said, it was the Chief, Nana Essel, who came up with the idea to establish the community taskforce to be a neighbourhood watch committee, to assist to instil discipline in the people and to live in peace.

Chief Yusif, called on his subjects to give maximum support to the Taskforce and support them to do a good job, so that they would all live in peace to do their various legitimate jobs and take good care of their families.

He noted that, the Taskforce’s duty is simple, that is they are supposed to patrol and stop people who engage in group fights, noise and foment trouble and arrest the culprits when necessary and in turn hand them over to the police for them to be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Picture…………The Nigerian Community Chief at Gomoa Budumburam or Liberia Camp, Chief YusifTijani.








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