Nigerian Actor Gets New Political Appointment


Governor of Anambra Willie Obiano has named veteran actor, Bob Manuel Udokwu a Senior Special Assistant on

“Movie/Entertainment Industry”. Bob-Manuel revealed his new role via a Blackberry message. “The governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has appointed me Bob-Manuel Udokwu (FCAI) his Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on the Movie/Entertainment Industry with immediate effect.” he said.

He continues, “With this appointment, the creative industry now has a clear representation in the goverment of Anambra State. I therefore call on all movie/entertainment professionals in Nigeria, across Africa and all over the world to feel free to berth in Anambra State to ply their creative and talent driven enterprises!

The State is highly welcoming and conducive to do business in. Please feel free to contact me with views on how best to make the most out of this golden opportunity for the advancement of creativity.I am here to serve you, Anambra State, Nigeria and beyond.”

Source: millsmusicent

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