Niger ALERT: Army Lieutenant Threatens Managing Editor


Moussa Aksar, managing editor of the bi-weekly newspaper, L’Evenement, received a threatening note on September 3, 2013 from Lieutenant Aouali Hambali, an officer of the Nigerien army, who has been implicated in an alleged coup attempt.

According to reports from the MFWA monitor, an angry Lt. Hambali stormed the premises of L’Evenement and left a note for Aksar, which read:
“I came to warn you for mentioning my name in this dirty deal in which I am not involved … I’m reminding you that I am free to do as I please at the moment. I am reminding you for the last time … else you alone will be responsible for what you write again about me.

Lt. Hambali’s threat came a day after the newspaper published an article narrating his arrest together with other persons linked to the reported unsuccessful coup, the monitor said.

Hambali was arrested and detained at the Niamey Civil Prison on August 30, 2013, after he was alleged to be involved in the coup plot, which was foiled by the country’s security officials.

He was, however, released before L’Evenement carried the story in their September 2, 2013 publication.
Aksar has since lodged a complaint with the security authorities, though they are yet to act, the monitor confirmed.

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