NHIS Is Not Collapsing In Ashanti Regional –Manager


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo Kumasi

The Ashanti Regional Manger of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Mr. Bawa Nurudeen, has dispelled the rumors, making the round to the effect that the health policy in the region has ceased to function .

He said that statistics available rather pointed to the fact that the scheme has been recording significant growth in recent times .

He has challenged those who have been peddling falsehood about the non-functioning of the scheme to come out and give concrete evidence to their claim or keep mute, for people to access health care under the scheme.

Speaking exclusively to this reporter, he bemoaned how some people have been politicizing the scheme, without recourse to the implications their action would have on the lives o f the subscribers of the scheme.

Buttressing his point further, Mr. Nurudeen explained that the claim payment for July 2012 for the Ghana Diagnostic Related Groupings (GDRG), stood at GH¢9,658,526.60 and August was GH¢ 9,746,945.07, while that of September was GH¢ 9,029,824.25 and October’s claim payment is expected to hover around 10 million cedis.

“If the scheme is really collapsing, who are the beneficiaries of these whooping sums of money,” he quizzed.

Mr. Nurudeen noted that though piloting the capitation in the region, has brought some challenges, there was no need to create the impression that the scheme has ceased to function.

Since the piloting of the capitation of the scheme in the region , there had always been hullabaloo from certain quarters as to why the managers of the scheme chose the region for the pilot project.

He mentioned some of these challenges as having to do with providers not following the capitation protocols , rumor mongering including, political connotations, co- payment system which some capitation facilities, though have received their transfers still charge the subscribers who attend their outfits to access health care.

He explained that it was unlawful for those facilities which had received their transfers, to go ahead to collect money from their clients, but the managers wanted every body to have access to health care services .

“Those facilities could be disaccredited, but we always take into consideration the welfare of the clients, because we do not want to deny any one access to health care, ’’ he stressed.

He disclosed that in other for the subscribers to allay any fear they entertain, complaints decks have be created in all the districts and they are freely required to find out what baffles their minds.

Mr. Nurudeen indicated that the authorities of the scheme, would periodically embark on awareness creation to sensitize the public on the vibrant nature of the scheme .

He appealed to the people, especially the media to lead a crusade to educate Ghanaians to join the scheme, because it was the best means to guarantee them quality health care.

“Everybody in the society must appreciate the fact that NHIS is the spring board to guarantee quality health delivery for all ’’, he said.

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