New Ya Na promises to be just to all


The new King of Dagbon, Naa Abubakari Mahama II, has pledged to ensure peaceful coexistence among the various groups of the State.

Speaking through the Vo-Naa Bawa, the new Ya Na promised to deal fairly with all persons and continue the peace process to restore the lost glory of Dagbon.

“During my reign as the overlord of Dagbon, I intend with the support of the chiefs and people of Dagbon, to do away with antiquated customs and to remove the bottle necks in our constitution.

“This will ensure peace and rapid development of Dagbon. I declare that I shall be just and fair in my rule of Dagbon. I shall do justice to all manner of people in Dagbon, whether they are Dagomba or Anufu; Asante or Kokomba; Moshi or Hausa; Abudu or Andani. Let me assure all that for the rest of my active lie, I will be devoted to the service of Dagbon,” the Ya Na through his spokesperson said.

Naa Abubakari’s investiture which ended some few hours ago opens a new page of peace, unity and prosperity for a kingdom that for almost two decades witnessed conflicts, mistrust and under-development.

Before President Akufo Addo, former President Mahama, chiefs from various clans and thousands of people, the 70-year-old was outdoored, making him the 44th person to occupy the Nam skin and Gbewaa palace.

He is expected to lead the process to fully reconcile the two gates – Abudu and Andani – and ensure peace and unity in the traditional area and further champion development in the kingdom.

The search for peace in Dagbon started in 2002 when former President John Kufuor set up the Asantehene-led committee of three eminent chiefs to resolve through customs and tradition, the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis after the gruesome murder of late Ya Na Yakubu Andani II.

After 16 years of deliberations, the two gates -Abudu and Andani- agreed to the peace pact fashioned by the eminent chiefs leading to the investiture of Naa Abukari.

The new King said he will uphold the dignity and pride of Dagbon and help strengthen the good and friendly relations the state has with all its neighbours and beyond.

He thanked the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo “for his determination to reunite the people of Dagbon.”

The president, who was at the investiture, stressed the need for the new King to work towards reuniting all groups connected to the Dagbon skin.

“I call on all sons and daughters of Dagbon to unite behind the new Ya Na. He is a man of experience and dignity and I am confident he will discharge the duties of his new office with distinction.

“The enkinsment of Ya Na Mahama Abubakari II is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our sight. Let us give him all the support he requires as he sets about to administer the affairs of Dagbon,” the President charged.


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