New Statesman Shows Double Colours


In all my playful attempts to pan the propaganda of The New Statesman newspaper, a newspaper owned by the Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, formally edited by Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, regarding a story carried in the Monday March 2, 2015 edition of the paper, captioned “Mahama’s Brother Wants Terkper Out?”

I was advised to redirect my interest to a more profitable contributions to public discourse, but there comes a time, when enough is really enough, this buffoonery has been going on for some time now and I think that time has come for us to tell those constipated pen-prostitutes, who seems to continuously drag the name of the so-called rich brother of the President in the mud to lay off.

The NPP, has never seen anything good in the administration of President John Dramani Mahama, their wish is that elections, should be held today so that they could benefit from the ongoing load-shedding that has plunged the nation into darkness.

Since the President took the oath of office in January 2013, every attempt has been made to make the country ungovernable for him, the eight months long legal battle in the Supreme Court challenging his legitimacy, has left in its wake missed opportunities as it scared away investors, we are still trying to recover from that obnoxious attempt to subvert the sovereign will of the people.

The Vice-Presidential candidate of the NPP, Dr Mahamoud Bawumia, has relentlessly played down the economic achievements of this government, over the weekend he was in Wa, where he addressed students of the University of Development Studies (UDS), he once again did not say kind words to the current administration, he tore every achievements, questioning what has come out of all that the government has borrowed since 2012.

It is an insult to any reasonably minded person that cherishes Ghana for this ridiculously misinformed lot to think that they can fool all of us, what was the motive behind the twisted story in The Statesman newspaper?

They failed to mention the name of the President’s brother, but we all know who they wrote about, I don’t know why he is such a thorn in their flesh, if I have to advice the President, I think his brother must be doing something right to be attracting such hostilities, and that he should listen to him more.

They are threatened by him, more than Seth Terkper and for them to want to malign him, means the President must keep his said brother closer or listen to him more.
Isn’t it ironic that a team you are going to play in a football match decides for you which players you should select?

So now the Statesman, has become the mouthpiece of the Minister of Finance, Seth Terkper?

Without sounding judgmental, I think that is a vote of no-confidence in the ability and capacity of our Finance Minister, because if your opponent, who wants to see your back, begins offering you what I see as a Trojan Horse, then it is time to look at that gift critically.

It is obvious that, that is the weakest link of the government and the NPP, will wish that Seth Terkper remains at post for as long as this government is in power, so that the economy will continue to suffer to their satisfaction.

The opening paragraph of the story leaves much to be desired and actually makes me wonder, if the writer knew exactly what he was about, it stated that “The John Dramani Mahama-led administration which is already in tatters is further being allegedly suffocated by his close blood relations”, so the writer has concluded that the administration is in tatters and yet does not see the need if any of the brother of the President to try and help his brother solve the tattered administration that he claims exist.

He continued that “With rumours of an impending reshuffle, an influential brother of the President is said to have set wild fire within the corridors of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

And he is allegedly scheming from all angles to get current Finance Minister Seth Terkper out of office, according to highly placed sources within the government who are not happy about the development.

At a meeting with his friends and cronies, the man was said to have boastfully stated that he was capable of getting any minister out of office because his brother listens to him”. So now the President, who answers only to Ghanaians and not to his brothers, is not capable of taking decisions on his own, without the influence of his so-called powerful brother. Even though this aggressor’s mind is probably sprained and not just twisted, one can be sure that, even his basic comprehension must have understood that President John Dramani Mahama is the President of Ghana and not to his family, he was the one Ghanaians voted for and has demonstrated as Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister, substantive Minister, Vice-President and now President that he understands what needs to be done and who qualifies to serve in his administration.

They went on to say that “Interestingly, the said brother of the President is so much interested in seeing a Deputy Minister at the ministry, Mona Quartey, becoming the minister. We have been here before with some newspapers clearly under the sponsorship of egoistic Seth Terkper to fight Mona Quartey, who is more engaging, media friendly and less technical in her approach to issues regarding the economy.

The New Statesman, has the strongest indication that forces are therefore being marshaled to go after Mr. Terkper on various platforms in the coming days, all as part of the plan to get him out of office.

Information gathered by the paper suggests that the President’s brother would engage the services of some of the known pro-NDC papers to churn out negative stories about Mr. Terkper.

The man at the centre of this alleged scheme is said not to be happy with the manner the Finance Minister “is protecting the national purse which is virtually empty.”
This is not the first time I have read from the profession’s red-light prostitutes that someone is scheming to get Mr Terkper out to be replaced by his deputy, who feels threatened by her presence at the Ministry, is it Seth Terkper or the journalists and what could possibly fuel that suspicion?

What is interesting is the tacit admission by the New Statesman that they have been contracted to go after the brother of the President, rightly so because if they could conclude that it is easy to contract pro-NDC papers to go after Seth Terkper, then am sorry they also came very cheap and could not hide it, it is glaring to any objective minded person who read the story, for this group of people, it is all about money– not journalism, and certainly not the people’s interest.

The NPP newspaper says its information “indicates that this man, who virtually runs a parallel Presidency, was not enthused about how “the strict Finance Minister turned down some of friends and cronies when they wanted to use the backdoor to do things at the Ministry of Finance.”

What is there to be done at the Ministry of Finance, the last time I checked if I need a contract that could fetch me money, then I don t need the Ministry of
Finance, when Roads and Highways is there, Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Ministry of Education are there.

Besides, if it is true that he is running a parallel Presidency, he can only instruct Seth Terkper and he will obey, the Minister cannot do otherwise. Interestingly Seth Terker like many others was a regular visitor to this same house where the parallel government is run.

Another thing that the paper failed to consider is that, if he is so much as powerful as control his brother, he does not need Seth Terkper, all he has to do is get his brother who employed Seth Terkper to do as he wishes just like Edward Bumpty Akufo-Addo would have done to let say Osei Akoto in the event that his elder brother, William Akufo-Addo of becoming president of Ghana is made a reality.

When someone of us took on Seth Terkper, last year it was on principle, we were not paid by anybody, as the New Statesman are telling us they were, he controls government chest, if the chest is empty, we have the right to state our displeasure. When the Cedi, was at one of its lowest trading point against its major trading currencies, the NPP, raised hell about it, so for as long as you belong to one political party or a party in government, as Ghanaian you don’t lose your right to criticize its appointees when you have enough evidence that they are not living up to expectation. That will be the height of sycophancy, and I do not subscribe to that dogma.

Indeed, if Seth Terkper is performing to the satisfaction of Ghanaians and the NPP (NPP); or itS running mate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, still be taunting the President for poor economic management?

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