New Spy Chief Bares Teeth At Stubborn Legon


As National Security Stops Controversial Tollbooth Re-Construction

By Alfred K Dogbey

The National Security Council, led by Yaw Donkor, has crushed a backdoor attempt by the authorities of the University of Ghana (UG) to reconstruct the controversial tollbooth at the Okponglo entrance of the nation’s premiere university, with information emerging that President, John Dramani Dramani Mahama is concerned about the recalcitrant behaviour of the State Institution.

National Security, insists that the University of Ghana needs clearance before it can go ahead with the reconstruction of the tollbooth in the guise of a security observation post.

The Security’s secretariat in a statement issued from its Press Department said, the university was asked to obtain social impact assessment from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), otherwise it cannot continue with the construction.

The directive came, after a meeting between officials of the National Security, Motor Transport and Traffic Department of Ghana Police Service (MTTU) and authorities of the university last week Friday, to discuss the issues relating to the re-construction of the structure.

The tollbooth, was razed down in February by the Larry Gbevlo-Lartey led National Security Secretariat for causing “public nuisance” to users of the Madina-Aburi Highway, but the university is clandestinely putting it up upon the exit of the ex-Commander of the 64th Battalion of Infantry.

Meanwhile, The Herald is informed that last February’s demolition of the tollbooth, was done on the strict orders of President John Dramani Mahama, meaning Lt. Col. Gbevlo-Lartey did not act unilaterally.

Giving details about the meeting, the National Security’s statement said, “the meeting heard explanations from the University that the new structure under construction is now a Security Observation Post/Security Check Point and no longer Toll Booth and that it will not have any
adverse effect on human and vehicular traffic on the main Tetteh Quarshie–Adenta-Aburi Highway”.

But the National Security Secretariat press statement copied The Herald, categorically stated that, “the security team also directed the University to put on hold the on-going construction work, until the impact assessment report is obtained or the project is relocated”.

The statement noted that, “in view of the strain on the Highway caused by the previous structure on the same location which was demolished, the security team directed that the University authorities request for a social impact assessment from the environmental protection agent (EPA) for
further action”.

Alternatively, the Security Council, has directed UG authorities to “relocate the structure further inland to rule out the possibility of spillover onto the highway”.

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