New Patriotic Party (NPP) Must Respect Internal Democracy


The Ghana Institute of Governance and Security is devotedly following the current developments within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and wish to express a worrying concern that, what they are doing disrespect internal democracy and if care is not taking will go a long way to harm the party since some are exhibiting bad and undemocratic behaviour.

We wish to advice, politician and their followers that, they must be mindful of the fact that, a democratic country cannot be governed by parties with undemocratic structures

In fact, what happened in the NPP party Headquarters on Wednesday 19th August, 2014 is unbelievably frightening and deserves condemnation and apologies from higher decision making bodies of the party hierarchy.

Again, GIGS wish to call on all the presidential hopeful and their acknowledged contemporaries to speak with a common voice to advice for tolerance to prevail in the party at this time that emotion are high and each and every one appears to be fighting for the soul and preferred presidential candidate.

Within parties, conflicts may occur time and again because of different perceptions on political issues, as well as due to personal rivalries for positions and influence.

These conflicts are inevitable and legitimate, but must be argued out in a correct manner backing it with party constitutions, legal guidelines and other common conflicts resolution and respect democratic procedures available.

Within a party, there is always a contest of power and influence; this is part of everyday dealing.

However, internal conflicts must be decided within the limits of democratic and transparent procedures.

It is very important that everybody involved in such conflicts respects the democratic decisions of the party.

It is GIGS hope that, once these mechanism, appropriate structures, and channels are applied it will promote participation of members in the internal matters and inner conflicts resolution.

Wishing all NPP members sober reflection and hope for successful preparation towards super delegate conference

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