New Law To Sheild Public Workers From Declaring Gifts


Parliamentarians, are discussing a new law that will allow public office holders to freely receive gifts valued at up to GH¢10,000, without any legal obligation to publicly disclose same.

The lawmakers believe, the new law if approved will help in reducing the level of corruption among public office holders.

The proposed law is named: Code of Conduct for Public Officers Bill.

The bill invoked a heated debate on the Floor of Parliament on Wednesday.

Explaining the bill, Majority Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin said “in the new rendition that we submitted, we referred to section 5 because section 5 has given an indication of how to….assets will be declared such that if a gift is given to you and its below that value that is what we referred to as acceptable gift, If its above that value, you will declare.”

“We took into consideration the fact that sometimes in your official position; you could be given some gifts. Now if the value of that gift is above GH¢10,000, you should declare all gifts. The proposal was GH¢1000 but we thought that, that was too low, so we up it to GH¢10,000. So we decided to use that section 5 as amendment as the basis,” he added.

Many including the former flag bearer of the Progressive Peoples party (PPP), Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom has suggested that public officials including ministers and presidential aspirants be compelled to declare their assets to the public.

Dr Nduom insists that such decision will help check corruption with the public service in the country.

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