New Juabeng Municipal Assembly End Shift System


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo-Kumasi

The New Juabeng Municipal Assembly in the Eastern region, in its quest to create a conducive environment to promote quality education at the basic level, is tackling the issue of educational infrastructure deficit.

Provision of adequate educational infrastructure, will prepare the grounds for the assembly to abolish the implementation of shift system.

Following the sharp jump in the enrolment of pupils ,majority of the basic schools in the municipality, are being run on shift system.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Kwabena Okyere, who made this known to The Herald, explained that the assembly has been investing into the provision of sufficient classrooms, as a means of finding antidote to the problem.

According to him, due to inadequate class rooms, most schools have been on the shift system, which is not helping to attain the desired quality education.

“As a municipal we are working tirelessly to put up enough educational infrastructure at the basic level to abolish the shift system because the practice creates room for most pupils become truant,” he hinted.

Mr. Okyere, noted that as education was the key which unlocks every human potential to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the sector needs large quantum of investment to develop the hiding talents of all those who go through the system.

He disclosed, apart from the municipal assembly pumping colossal sums of money to make available infrastructure, it has yearly been organizing free extra classes in the four key subjects namely, English Language, Social Studies, Integrated Science and Mathematics for the final Junior High students.

He said, the assembly spent about GH¢35,000 to hold special classes for students who wrote this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

“The development of these children is crucial therefore the assembly replicates the extra classes for the final JHS students yearly’’ he added. The municipal, he said gives equal attention to sports development in the sense that not all children will excel academically.

“The assemblies in conjunction with some keep fit clubs on Akwasidai come out to engage in soccer and other sports related activities to groom the talents of the young ones,” he said.

Touching on the monthly national sanitation program, he entreated everybody to participate in the exercise devoid of politicization.
He was emphatic that the sanitation program is an initiative to ride the country of filth to promote healthy living among the citizens to increase the productivity.

Mr. Okyere said, in order to deter people from sitting on the fence during the exercise; ninety persons in the municipality whose surroundings were untidy have prosecuted by the Municipal Sanitation Court.

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