New Chief- Odikro Enstooled and Admitted into Awutu- Ofaakor Divisional Council.


By; Bernard Quanson.

The Awutu – Ofaakor Divisional Council, Presided over by Nai Odupong  Awushie Tetteh II , has enstooled and admitted , Nai Atopi Tseneko  I , into the Council as Odikro or a Chief.

Nai Tseneko in an interview with the Media after his enstoolment , said he  was named after his late father for serving  the Awutu Ofaakor people faithfully and generously.

According to the elders, who enstooled him on behalf of the overlord of Awutu- Ofaakor , Nai Awushie Tetteh II, a ceremony will be held to officially outdoor Nai Tseneko I, and then be given specific areas to control and be accountable to their Traditional President, Nai Awushie Tetteh and his elders in accordance with their customary practices.

Nai Tseneko in an interview noted that the area he would take care of as a chief or Odikro, would include, Kasoa CP , Adade, Roman and its surrounding areas, all known as New Odupong Kpehe or New Kasoa.

He said further that he would liaise with the Awutu- Senya East Municipal Assembly to bring development Projects to his people.

Nai Tseneko, also stated that he will partner with the Assembly to ensure that the percentage of the Assembly’s revenue that is accrued from their markets, especially Kasoa new market and lorry parks among others, is paid to the Awutu– Ofaakor Divisional Council, so that the Chiefs will also be resourced to discharge their responsibilities and obligations towards their people.

The new Chief noted that the areas of his urgent concern, is the provision of good road network in his area, schools, modern Toilets, lorry parks, PoliceStation, establishment of Neighbourhood Watch Committees, jobs for the youth, stressing that land is even available in abundance for their version of one District one Factory policy of the Government that is expected to employ the youth in the area.

He said, education is also an area of concern for him, as he wants all the children of school going age, who are outside the classroom to go back to school and be responsible citizens in future.

Nai Tseneko, also called on parents to train their wards properly, so that they will be discipline and behave well in society to avoid prison in future, emphasizing that it is said that “when you train up a child the way he should grow and when he grows he will never depart from it”.

He noted that, Sanitation is also very dear to his heart and he will mobilise the people n his jurisdiction to weed and clean up their areas periodically to avoid snake bites and other reptiles that can harm them.

He also called on his people to foster unity and development and departs from litigation, which does not usually yield any dividend, but rather breeds hatred and bloody violence and division.

He said, he wants to see his people co-exist peacefully and stressed that whether they are Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Traditionalists or not, they should all learn to live together peacefully, so that development can easily follow.

Nai Tseneko, also stressed that whether black or white, we all have to learn how to peacefully co-exist and to work together, explaining that if brooms are bundled it is stronger than, only one broom.

The Chiefs and elders, who participated and witnessed the enstoolment, include, Nai Kojo Larbi , the Bemuhne of Ofaakor area , Nai Bediako , Twafohene of Awutu- Traditional Area , Nai Dankwa, Abusupanin Arkaah, Nai Gyaasse Nimsaa ,Okyeame Dauda and Nana Bentum among many others.



Picture…. Nai Atopi TsenekoI ,Odikro enstooled by the Awutu-Ofaakor Chief and elders [ Kingmakers]








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