New Ablekuma Police Station Abandoned?


The Chief of Ablekuma and the Atofoatse of the Sempe Divisional Councilof the Ga Traditional Council; Nii Larbi Mensah VI, has appealed to the Inspector- General of Police (IGP) John Kudalor to take possession of the ultra-modern police station built by the elders of the stool in the Greater Accra region to safeguard peace in the area.

According to him, is been three years since the police station was built by the stool and made available to the Police administration, but the Odorkor Divisional command, has refused to take possession.

He said, for no apparent no reason the Police administration, has refused to take possession and the building is now gathering dusts under the watchful eyes of the elders of the stool.

Nii Larbi Mensah VI, said the absence of a police station in one of the fastest growing peri-urban areas in the Ga Central Municipality, has become a source of worry to the elders in the area.

He said, because of the lack of the services of police personnel in the area, Ablekuma area is fraught with land guard activities and sporadic shootings.

Even though the Chief, failed to mention the amount of money expended on the construction of the ultra-modern facility, the station has all the facilities of any modern police station in the country.

Even though he had not been officially being informed about the reasons that led to the Police administration refusing to take possession, he quickly added that he had heard that their refusal to take possession was because of a lawsuit challenging his eligibility as Chief of the area at
the law courts.

Nii Larbi Mensah IV, made this appeal when he was joined by Nii Borkorborkor, Chief of Borkorborkor, Nii Odartey Obousoso I, Dzasetse of Ablekuma and some elders of the stool when he sprinkled Kpokpoi as part of the celebrations to climax the Homowo festival.

He noted that as the situation stands, residents of the area feel unsecure anytime they have to sleep with large cash amounts in their homes because of fear of being robbed in the night.

“If anything happens in the area during the night, residents of the area have to commute all the way to the Anyaa Police station to report a crime to thePolice,” he stressed.

He expressed worries at the situation and called on the Police administration to come to their aid and save lives and properties in the area.

In the early 1900s,when James Town –British Accra was noted for fighting at all times it was curtailed when the British leadership of the country decided to put up two police stations in the area.

It is in the same vein peace will be ensured in the Ablekuma area, if the police administration take possession of the ultra-modern police station made available to them by the elders of the stool.

Touching on some of the issues that have plagued the Ga state in recent times, he said Gas must assert themselves to avoid being controlled by non-indigenes in the Greater Accra region.

People of the region must learn to show respect to their elders and make peace with their elders as well as non-indigenes to live in harmony.

According to him, this year’s festival celebration has been peaceful in all the areas under the Ga state because the elders in the state are being truthful with their subordinates.

He reminded the people of the Ga state to exercise restraint in their dealings with the various elders of the numerous stools in the region.
He alerts the youth in the Ga state to do away the inordinate desire of becoming leaders in the Ga state and wait for their turn.

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