Never visit the president with a crumpled shirt – Social media user ‘warns’ Wisa


Wisa and his management team had called on President Akufo-Addo to officially inform him about his ended court battle, and also the launch of the record label’s office.

The musician was captured in a photo, shaking hands with the President and this has caused a stir on social media.

Others believe Wisa’s meeting the President immediately after his court battle is a good sign for the “resurrection” of his music career. Unfortunately, a social media user named Worldwide court has criticised the musician for wearing a crumpled shirt to meet the President.

He wrote: “Next time u had the chance to meet Mr. President, don’t 4get to iron your shirt. Bye.” worldwide_court: “Also….. next time u had the chance to meet Mr.President, don’t 4get to iron ur shirt. Bye.”

The user went on further to advise Wisa to be wise like his name says, and not to be caught up again in any indecent exposure. worldwide_court:

“Wisa be wise as ur name says N don’t take ur pin DK out everywhere u get da chance. I know and I can’t blame u, bcos u wanted to trend but ur enemies work u out. Be bold n come out strongly to make a difference. Good luck.

Wisa Greid, popularly known for his hit song ‘Ekiki Mi’, has been in and out of court for nearly three years. While performing at an event in Accra, he went ahead to show his manhood to the crowd.

After his trial, Wisa was found guilty, convicted and fined GHC8,400. The fine has reportedly been paid by his record label, Black Avenue Muzik.


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