Neglected road; a displeasure among residents.


The wretched state of the road at Pantang-Abokobi, in the La- Nkwatanang Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra region has ignited a lot of agitations among the residents of the community.

The road which stretches from Pantang through to Abokobi and its environs including Sesemi, Boi, Teiman and Oyarifa is not in a motorable state. This has generated a lot of complaints from residents, commercial drivers and others who use that stretch day after day. The road has been in in a deplorable state for years.

The said communities harbour some vital social infrastructures [the Pantang Nursing and midwifery Training college and the Abokobi Rural bank] serving the needs of the people in the community but then the state of the road has left many thoughts in the minds of many. It has made accessibility and use of those facilities very difficult.

Over the years, several attempts were made to ensure that the road is fixed but all proved futile in the long run. For instance, in October last year, the gutters beside this particular road were under construction but till date have not been completed; not to talk of the road being attended to.

A resident of the communities lamented over the issue “our roads have been in bad situations for some years. Many contractors have come to check the road but it ends up in the same state. Some time ago, I asked one contractor who was brought in to fix the road and he said it is not their fault but the funds are not enough and they have to end it abruptly”.

A commercial driver who normally uses the route also added, “this road has been in this state for years. There are people living in the communities who need to be transported from one point to another. We sometimes feel unhappy when we use our cars on this road. It drains our fuel because you need to take your time when using the route. Also, we need to visit the shop for our cars to be serviced each and every daymaking us run at a loss”.

In an interview with a food vendor at Abokobi station, she explained how the dusty nature of the road is preventing people from purchasing her foodstuffs making her close down her shop. “I sell cassava and plantains but due to the dust no one comes closer to purchase the foodstuffs. I sit here since morning till evening without making any sale. The cassava is also a perishable good so it easily gets rotten hence incurring huge costs” she complained.

Many publications have gone viral concerning the state of the road but has shown no positive sign. Many are the promises made before elections which lures the residents to vote for them but their needs are not attended to. Therefore, the people of Abokobi-Pantang and its environs are calling on the government and other concerned agencies to help have their roads fixed for a better and happy community.

Grace Tetteh

(Student of Ghana Institute of Journalism).

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