NDC’s Registration And Matters Arising

We recall that in 2016 before the general elections, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), embarked on a national registration drive for its members.

That exercise went down like a pack of cards and as another waste of time and resources, because it was too audacious and so it allowed non-members to get onto the register.

The party went after numbers, instead of committed members, who are true to the values and ideals of the NDC.

The party has embarked upon another registration exercise, with low publicity, as many members in the constituencies are not aware of the exercise.

The booklet for registration, which is supposed to be the property of the party, is in the hands of various Constituency chairmen, who are keeping it close to their chest and in some instances registering their preferred people.

The NDC, is a party that is not ready to sheathe its past. The party, has a school, the school could have been used to trained members from various branches, across the country, who would be deployed to embark on the registration, supervised by selected elders of the party, who have no interest in the upcoming executive elections.

Though it is  too late to do anything about the whole process, since the party, has given the deadline as ending of this month, we are persuaded to argue that the registration drive portends an unfavourable outcome for the party, which is in dire need of a more purposeful and realistic membership going into the 2020 election.

The registration exercise, marks the first major step for the party going into the future. Every resource and planning should have gone into it, to make sure that at the end of the day, the party will have a register that, will reflect the true membership.

Elections for various positions, starting from the branch, to constituency, to regional and then eventually, national, are all going to rely on this register.

If the party gets it wrong with its register, everything that will come out of it, will equally be flawed.

We belong to the school of thought that insists that the NDC, can be restructured without necessarily dismantling it.

In our considered view, the NDC, has all it takes to have a credible register that give a true reflection of its true and committed members.




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