NDC’s People Service Delivery Will Kill NPP’s Noise -Kpone DCE


The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Kpone –Katamanso District Assembly(KKDA) in the Greater Accra Region; Alhaji Antieye Tetteh, has revealed that the governing National Democratic Congress’s people service delivery, would kill the noise being made about the economy by the elements in the opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP) ahead of the December 7, election.

The longest serving Greater Accra regional boss of the Ghana Private Roads and Transport Unit (GPTRU) of the Ghana Trades Union Congress and now the DCE of the area, made this revelation in an interview with the paper at kpone, the district capital of the Assembly.

According to Alhaji Tetteh, the NDC, has delivered on the needs of the people and not what a group people in opposition wanted.

“And the people will vote according to the party which has delivered on their needs and not noise.

After all kings are ordained by God and not people who use the back door to cling to the throne”, he said

Some elements in the opposition only wants to be heard but the NDC are focused on delivering services to the people.

He noted that NDC would not be swayed the cacophony of noises being made by the opposition but would be focused on delivering what the people need to improve upon their livelihoods.

“If the people want hospitals will give it to them, if they want markets we will give to them as part of our mandate to deliver service to the electorate.

We cannot go about providing farm machinery when what the people need are roads, toilets, markets among others”.

The NDC has its eyes on the ball and the party is focused on delivering another four-year mandate for President Dramani Mahama and not the noise NPP
is making on their affiliate media organizations.

He questioned how the NPP, expects the NDC to provide farm inputs to people in the region, when there are no lands to farm on.
Or is it the case that the NPP, wants the party to provide hanging farms to the people?

He said the rivalry between the NPP and NDC, is akin to a match between Accra Hearts of Oak and their local rival Great Olympics, which would always end with Hearts wining.

He said, the Assembly has started a journey of fulfilling the dreams of the electorate.

The NDC has taken charge to lift the livelihood of the people from poverty and bring development to their doorsteps.

The Assembly even though very young, has charged itself to meet the needs and aspirations of the people and guarantee peace in the area.

He concluded that it was through hard work that “we can achieve the needs and aspirations of our people’’.

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