NDC Youth Organiser Ambush Nana Addo Over 30 Million Dollars.


It appears the Upper East regional youth wing of the National Democratic Congress is leaving no stone unturned in demanding from the state, the regions’ share of the national cake and thus unwilling to spare the governing New Patriotic Party (NDC) and president Akufo-Addo, a breathing space, thus accusing him as ‘manufacturer of lies, supper incompetent and insensitive towards the plight of the ordinary citizen’.

Mr Abraham Azumah Lambon, the regional youth organizer ,who appeared physically and emotionally worried having described the Nana Addo-Bawumia administration as a mess and a total fiasco, called on Ghanaians not to be deceived again come 2020.

The NPP, he noted lied it way to power and the nation is currently badly governed.

“You lied your way into power, Ghanaians were promised with juicy and month watery promises, gold and anything appealing to the ear and eye” it is a scam to say the least. Please, can someone ask the president the where about of the thirty million dollars for my region? The districts are starving. Nothing is going on. The entire nation is bitterly regretting. We were promised one constituency, one million dollar, my brother as I speak with you, not even one cedi has been giving to the constituencies.” Nurses were promised restoration of allowances as well as teachers. Now diploma teachers are forced to do national service. The allowances promised to them are not forthcoming. Is a mess by brother,” he fumed.

He stated that his worry in all these is the starving of the districts. The annual one million dollar promise is dead.” No show. no one is talking about it. You people said we are sitting on Money, so wgere is the money? “He mocked.


In what looks like a comedy arena, Mr. Alan B as he is politically known, asked rhetorically, in wanting to know  the ’police officer’ who aided the dollar to escape from Dr Bawumia’s  prison custody.

“Ohh, we were told that the dollar has been arrested, imprisoned and the keys giving to the Inspector General of Police. Are we joking in this country? Now the dollar is stubbornly rocket-hiking beyond the reach of Bawumia and the I G P? God have mercy.”

He accused the NPP of running an unplanned government, noting that ” the NPP knew very well that they were loosing the last elections but for their lies. Everyone can see it clearly that they were not prepared for power.


Mr Lambon, stated that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Upper East Region would not allow itself to be intimidated, adding that measures are underway to make sure ballot boxes are properly guarded to avoid rigging.

“This time, we are not going to allow intimidation in any form. We will make sure that the ballot boxes are well protected. Once that is done, my brother, come 2020, we are going back to the flagstaff house to continue with the good work that John Dramani Mahama left”. He bemoaned the manner in which the New Patrotic  Party  is running away from it major campaign promises. “One village, one dam. My brother, just tour our villages and see for your self. Is a shame not even dugouts have we got”


The regional youth organizer, who boasted of his political rich experience stated that well rehearse and summits will be periodically undertaken to equip the political skills of the NDC youth in the region, this he noted would go a long way to cushion their untenable ambition of recapturing their lost parliamentary seats in the region and as well as defeating the NPP entirely in the region.

” My brother, we are declaring 15\15. We have 15 seats in the region, so a group is already in existence to make sure we leave no seat come 2020 for the New Patriotic Party. We have established the reasons for our defeat and so we are well positioned now to flour the NPP.”

He noted that the N D C in the region is well united after it  internal elections and that all those who contested are ready to work out their best for the party at all times.” Look every body is on board. All those who stood for positions in the party in the region , constituency and branch levels are ready to give out their best. Losers and winners are warmly united. No cause for alarm. We are ready for 2020”


Mr Abraham Lambon is not enthused with what he say is the rampant abandoning of projects commenced by the National Democratic Congress’ administration.

He expressed worry that major project s like the Bolga –Bawku-Pulmakuom road, the Eastern corridor road among others, have stalled for apparently no reason.

He called on Ghanaians to end the ongoing nation-wide disappointment, hardship and regrets by voting for the National Democratic Congress.

” Look, Ghanaians have regretted voting for the NPP. we were told that we are sitting on money. Now the hardship is unbearable. So am appealing to voters to massively vote out this insensitive administration.

We were described as incompetent, but now we are witnessing super incompetency ever in the political history in the country. For the corruption, the least said about it, the better. The corruption is too stinking. The jubilee house has been turned into a clearing arena with the president leading the park. What happened to the cash for seat saga is still fresh in our minds,” he noted.


He called on the NDC to rally behind who ever emerges victorious in the party’s upcoming flagbearership contest

. Mr Lambon asserted that with unity, the NDC will regain power. He called on followers of the various contestants to see one another as a family.

“The NDC administration did a lot, so lets rally behind any of the contestants who will win as a standard bearer of the party. Here in Upper East, we welcome all the contestants. We are a family and so we are hopeful that all will be well and the NDC will emerge stronger.

He recounted that the John Mahama administration, did a lot of projects in the upper East region.

“The Bolgatanga regional hospital which has been completed but not put to use, five senior High Schools, the Bolga-Bawku-Pulmakuom road which the Nana Addo government has halted, the Tambe dam, rural electrification among many others”



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