NDC Women Organizer Congratulates TV3’s ‘Ghana’s Strongest’ Winner


The Deputy National Women Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Mrs. Catherine Deynu, has applauded Barrack Kwakye Obama, the winner of just ended TV3’s reality show, “Ghana’s Strongest Season IV”, for working hard to retain the title.

The NDC stalwart, also commended management of TV3 network for bringing “another sporting program that glues Ghanaians” aside the Boxing, Wrestling, Football among others.

In statement copied to The Herald, Dr. Mrs. Deynu, commended Barrack Kwakye’s for his “resounding victory in the just ended closely fought competition proves that truly, Ghana is loaded with strong, vibrant, talented gallant young men whom we are proud of”.

She said, “I salute him and his other contestants for a good job done. Indeed it has not been an easy battle but you have really proved your worth after these periods of vigorous competition”.

The statement noted that, “It is a fact that society at times, perceives you as thugs or “Macho Men” per your stature but I think it is time to correct those mentalities of people by proving that you are completely harmless”.

Applauding management of TV3, Dr. Deynu said, “I say kudos and more grease to your elbows” She observed, “aside the Boxing, Wrestling, Football among others, this is another sporting program that glues Ghanaians to their seat on Sunday afternoons and I mean, both young and old to their TV sets and we are grateful”.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Women Organizer, is pleading with the organizers of the program “to take a second look at the cash prize awards given out to contestants at the end of the competition”.

Madam Catherine Deynu explained this “could also be an opportunity to wet the appetite of young bodybuilders sitting on the fence as far as this program is

She said, “I will therefore use this platform to urge you to bring out more innovations into the program to make it more attractive and appealing to the young men out there”.

Madam Catherine Deynu indicated, “I believed with a little repackaging, we will see a lot of hidden potentials coming into the lime light”.

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