NDC Social Media Handlers Must Be Mindful Of Their Words


The on-going load management that is threatening our survival as a nation, has taken away the shine off all the good things that the President, John Dramani Mahama and his team are doing.

It is a fact to even the doubting Thomases that the government has achieved a lot of feats in every sector of the economy, the government is not sleeping; it is doing what every elected government anywhere in the world will do, not to neglect some sectors of the economy for the benefit of others, every sector deserves equal attention.

Ghana is not only Accra or Kumasi, other regions of the country, has seen their fair share of development, water and electricity is being extended to other parts of the country. New roads are being built, whilst old ones are being rehabilitated.

Some communities in Accra, has seen asphalted roads for the first time, this is a testament of a working government.

New hospitals are being built, while the old ones are being expanded to meet demand. Every regional hospital in the country has seen tremendous improvement.
Government is spending so much on hospital equipment. Modern equipment used in other jurisdictions is being imported into the country at very exorbitant prices, just to improve health delivery.

The government has not relented in its effort to solve the energy crisis, every available option is being exploited, and perhaps where it has failed is too many people talking on the issue. Some are not helping the matter as they only end up, spiting Ghanaians and perceived opponents.

The problem has no party colours, it does not differentiate and so it behooves on all of us to wish that the problem is over. Those who seek to benefit from it politically are those, who are adding sore to the injury.

Let us be open-minded about the problem, it is only then that we could get the solutions we seek.

We should not judge the President on only one aspect of the economy, he should be judged on how he improved education, infrastructure, health, social intervention, energy etc.

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through., the first being physiological, safety, belongingness and love, self esteem and finally self actualization. Has the President failed in meeting the most critical needs of the people?

We at The Herald think, he has done so well and that Ghanaians should give him credit for the good things he has done. The President should also admonish those purporting to speak on his behalf, especially on social media to be mindful of their choice of words. 2016 election is going to be won or lost in the social media, as most youth of voting age, who constitute over 60 per cent of voters are on the social media, they are not as dogmatic as their fathers, uncles, mothers and aunties. They are still a large chunk of undecided voters out there, who are going to be angered by the postings of these so-called supporters of the President.

Sell to Ghanaians what the President is doing right and leave the opposition to do what opposition everywhere does, they is work to be done, they should not let their words come back to haunt them one day.

The comments of some of the communicators on social media are embarrassing and making the government unpopular, we doubt if they understand governance and political communication in a democracy.

They need to communicate well, instead of the loose and emotional comments and sometimes publications that do not sit well with well-meaning Ghanaians. Not everybody who complains or expresses concern about the problems in the country is a politician.

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