NDC Should Build A Monument In Memory Of Prof. Mills


The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity.

In the life of every nation, a leader, will emerge, who in life, will not be appreciated, but what he did and stood for, will begin to manifest years after going the way of all mortals.

Prof John Evans Atta Mills, was slow but steady, he was meticulous, and he achieved many first in his three and half years, as the head of state.

Until his untimely death on that fateful day of July 24, 2012, many Ghanaians, did not know that, he was a gift and blessing to us.

Aided by fake news merchants and vectors of hate, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), succeeded in convincing Ghanaians that, Prof. Mills was a mistake.

I read the current Vice-president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, saying the government in 18 months, has done what the National Democratic Congress government, could not do in eight years.

Nigerians, have a saying that, not asking questions, before eating causes death without illness. Dr. Bawumia, and his party, has lied their way to power, but they cannot continue to lie to stay in office in the face of glaring evidence.

If tears, genuinely shed and the ones referred to as crocodile tears, could bring a man back to life, Prof. Mills, would have resurrected the day he passed or the day, he was finally laid to rest.

Every living soul, will taste death, it is against this backdrop that, we must all be careful, how we treat those, who have taken the lead.

Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, came to fix what John Agyekum Kufuor, had broken. He did that excellently well that, as I mentioned earlier he achieved many first.

Let us take a look at some


According to the Newsletter of the Statistical Service on Consumer Price Index (CPI), the rate of inflation as at June 2009, was 20.74 percent, by November of 2010, Inflation was at 9.08percent.

By the time of his death in June 2012, the rate of Inflation stood at 9.4percent. available records from the Statistical Service shows that, it was during his time as president that, as a country, we had the longest single digit inflation.


I must confess that until a fortnight ago, when the former minister of Gender and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, appeared on Joy FM’s Newsfile, I did not know that, in 2010/2011, Ghana cocoa exports reached a record high of 1,004,000 MT, which was 35.7 percent higher than the last full year record of 740,000 MT, hit in the 2005/06 season.

This success story, has not been well told and apostles of the NPP, keep telling us the best times for Cocoa production was during the administration of ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor.


In July 2007, when the local currency (Cedi), was redenominated, it was exchanging at 0.90pesewas to a Dollar.

By December 2008, when ex-president Kufouro was exiting office, the cedi had depreciated to the dollar by 36 per cent, the Gold Coast Securities (GCS)-Cedi Index has shown, closing the year at GH¢1.265 to one dollar. This means that the cedi since January 2008 had weakened to the dollar by that percentage.

However, with the coming into office of Prof. John Eavns Atta Mills,  he was able to reel in the fiscal deficit and was able to cut the rate of cedi depreciation back to 13 per cent in 2009, although the currency still closed the year at GH¢1.430 to one dollar.

This was followed by the currency’s best year in 2010, when the cedi depreciation was a mere 3.9 per cent, as confidence rose in the administration through the prudent management of the economy.

In the following year, 2011, although the Cedi’s depreciation accelerated to 10.3 percent, it was still one of the best year’s for the currency.


Instructively, in 2011, against the backdrop of the 10.3 percent depreciation, Ghana achieved a record Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 14.4 per cent, the highest in the world in 2011.

President John Evans Atta Mills, did not travel the world to achieve this, as we are witnessing under the current government.


In 2009, former President Kufuor, had signed into law the Single Spine pay policy, as a new government and having inherited the mess created by their predecessor, President Mills, did not postpone the implementation, he went ahead with it.

Ghanaian workers are better off today, because that bold decision he took. President Akufo-Addo, two years since he took the oath of office, has not added a pesewa to salaries of workers, despite rising cost of living.


President Mills in his three and half years as head of state, could be said to have done what it took Kufuor eight years to achieve.

The gang of four roads that were commenced by president Kufuor were completed by Prof. Mills. He did not waste time to set up committees upon committees to probe the contracts, he simply found the money and had it completed.

I cannot enumerate all the things started before his demise, except to name a few like the Legon Medical Centre, the Ridge Hospital, Kotokuraba Market in Cape Coast,

The Dansoman highway, Spintex road, the 12km long Polo Grounds bypass , East Legon and Adjiringanor 24 km road. Teshie roads.

The Fiesta Royale-Gimpa highway,  the asphalted road that passes in front of Nana Akuffo Addo’s residence, just to mention but a few.

To conclude can we all ponder on these achievements, low budget deficit,  GDP growth, one million metric tons of coco,  2 billion dollar cocoa loan syndication, rise in Foreign Direct Investments and portfolio investments, single digit 91 day T bill rate, gross external reserves, international confidence in Ghana’ s economy and  single spine salary scheme.

The Asomdwe park, his final resting place should be ‘worshipped’ the NDC, because he gave the party a lot.

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