NDC Should Allow Other Presidential Aspirants To Fail


If reports of last weekend’s Unity Walk in Cape Coast that, other presidential hopefuls, who took part in the walk, were not allowed to address the teeming crow is true, then it is a recipe for another impending defeat in 2020.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) or organizers of the walk walks, should not give people a reason for their failure. We love excuses, and we are always looking for people, to blame for our failures.

After a similar walk in the Northern regional capital, Tamale, they were agitations among supporters of other aspirinring candidates, who felt their candidates, were not invited to the unity walk.

The one that took place in Accra, went smoothly probably because former president, John Dramani Mahama, was out of the country. The latest one in Cape Coast, must not be the one to break the Camel’s back.

No single person is more popular in the NDC, than former president Mahama. The rallying call among the rank and file of the party is for him to lead them in 2020. He is the person to beat and honestly, I do not see any person capable of beating him in the NDC.

Considering the mood of the party, it is clear and obvious to anybody who cares to listen that, the party is going with president Mahama, as the flagbearer for the 2020 elections. It is fait accompli.

It is because of this reason that, I do not believe what happened in Cape Coast, should have been allowed to happen. It was a unity walk that was supposed to achieve a certain purpose, but the exclusion of others from addressing the crowd, meant there was a predetermined purpose, which was to make one person stood tall among the rest.

Former president Mahama, must also understand that, some people have no business still been around him. They have become his Achilles Heels, and the earlier he asks them to step aside the better.

2020, is three years away, and as someone who has occupied the highest office of the land; he is fully aware of what a sitting president can do. The New Patriotic Party and president Nana Addo Danwka Akufo-Addo, are not about to do one term, to beat them, the NDC, needs a united front.

Every person matter, in the quest to wrestle power in 2020, the party, has a lot to do to bring everyone on board.

Among the reasons, why the party lost the 2016 election is apathy, coupled with anger. The unity walks are part of the healing process, telling some people they do not matter, will not help the party to heal the wounds.

It is too early for an infighting, the anger that caused the party’s defeat in the 2016 elections, must not be seen to still be simmering. The party spent money to transport the Kwesi Botwey committee, around the country to ascertain the reasons that, led to the party’s defeat.

The ink on that report, which highlighted some of these problems is yet to dry, and the party is back at it again. Very soon, if the leaders, do not start to behave, the youth of the party, will rise up against them.

It will be unfortunate if the person of the former president Mahama, is made to come between other contestants, who in their minds, know full well that, they don’t stand a chance against him.

They should be a level playing field, each individual who has expressed the interest to contest and we know them, should be giving equal opportunity.

I remember after the untimely demise of former president, John Evans Atta Mills, and president Mahama, took over, some people, who during the three and half years of president Mills, were antagonistic towards vice-president Mahama, they were shown the exit from government, despite the fact that, president Mahama, went on to win the 2012 election.

Power is transient and leadership changes, today those who feel they are loyal to president Mahama, and so has the numbers and money and want to muscle others out, they should remember that, what goes around, comes around.

The NDC, has always since its formation been a tree that bears fruit, that should not be curtailed by self-serving young guys, who are desperately trying to claim a spot in the party.

There are numerous disgruntled supporters of other candidates straddling the social media space. They may be dismissed as rubble-rousers or noise makers, but they are voters and members of the great National Democratic Congress.

This rain started beating the NDC in government and it seems the party, despite the humiliating defeat, has not learnt any lesson.

I believe president Mahama, is the best presidential hopeful for the NDC, because he exhibits best qualities than all those who have declared the intention to contest for the flagbearership slot of the NDC.

As a friend always opines, some of them will degas before the whistle is blown, so why make President John Dramani Mahama, the reason for their failure.

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