NDC On The March To Victory In 2020

Tomorrow, Saturday November 17, the long awaited National Delegates’ Congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will hold to elect its national officers, who will be expected to lead it to reclaim political power from the failed New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Tomorrow’s congress will be the party’s first serious political activity, since it lost election in 2016. Many Ghanaians, who are expecting the party to rescue the country from the super incompetent NPP, must come out of this congress as a viable option.

They is optimism on the part of Ghanaians, which is based on the unwritten understanding that the party must have learnt its lessons and will therefore do the right thing to, not only to save the party, but also to reposition it for the task ahead.

The delegates are the most important factor in what happens after tomorrow. They will come face to face with destiny, the decisions they take will determine not only the direction of the party, but the country.

They must be mindful of the task ahead, electing leaders based on monetary inducement must be the last thing on their minds.

For the first time, the people putting themselves up for various positions is an indication of the future course of the party. They are men and women of substance, with vast experience and have all served the party in various capacities in the past.

Delegates must choose wisely to avoid the mistakes of Kumasi in 2014, where talkatives were elected to lead the party.

The NDC, has shown over the years, especially when it lost the 2000 general election that, it  has a class of elders, who are in a position to influence things to ensure that the appropriate measures are adopted to streamline things.

Sitting on the side lines and relapsing to despondency or helplessness is, in our view, counterproductive.

Opposition has once again provided them the opportunity to throw their hats in to the ring. Their insistence to stay away from the 2016 election is what led to the party suffering it worst embarrassing electoral defeat.

It is clear that most of the elders, have no electoral ambitions other than to ensure that the party plays its role in the polity aptly.

We at the Herald, wish the party and all the contestants the best of luck.

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