NDC Must Not Make Adversaries With The Celebrities


No sane person sharpens his machete to cut a banana or a plantain tree, this is exactly what members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), especially some communicators and the media predisposed to the government are doing to some celebrities, who dared speak about the current power crisis that the country is facing.

The beauty of democracy is that, it allows for dissenting views, it offers us the opportunity to agree to disagree, we jaw jaw instead of war war, but the moment that we begin to think that privileges goes without responsibility, that will be the day we will wish we never chose the path of democracy.

The President, John Dramani Mahama, rode on his popularity with the youth to the Presidency. 2012 election was made easy for him, because he resonate with the youth. The youth saw in him as a man who will understand and appreciate their concerns and indeed he does feel their concerns, it is explains why most Ministers in his government are of the youth stock.

The voting demographics of the country shows that the youth constitute majority of the voters and so any political party or government desirous of winning or retaining power, does not make adversaries out of the youth.

2016 elections, is going to be different for so many reasons, for me I believe the biggest reason why I say 2016 is going to be different is because of the Generation Y in Ghana or the ‘Born-free’ generation as they call them in South Africa and elsewhere.

This ‘Born-free’ generation or Generation Y differs from the now rested predecessor Generation X.

These are the ones born after 1992; these generations were too young to experience a military regime, especially those born after 1992 at the advent of civilian
rule in Ghana.

This ‘Born-free’ generation in Ghana has never seen a military dictator before and grew up knowing Facebook, Twitter, GSM, Smart-phones, Internet, Premier League matches, Satellite TVs etc.

This Generation Y are the ones who see members of their generation in Britain, United States of America (USA), Germany and everywhere around the world asking their government, parents, teachers etc. questions.

My generation and some before me, rarely asked questions, we did what we were told to do and when politicians robbed us of our future and our destinies we rarely asked questions.

This ‘Born-free’ generation is different, they always ask you why? They demand answers and are too impatient to listen to excuses.

The ‘Born-free’ generation is the ones who cannot withstand pain. Life has been too easy for them (Facebook and Twitter era, Whatsapp, emails, internet, phones, globalization etc.) they can’t stand pain. If they get pregnant, they would deliver through an Epidural procedure, Cesarean operation and Ice bath birth etc rather than go through agonizing hours of labour (I mean why they should when advancements have come in science and medicine).

This Generation Y in Ghana are blessed of God, and they cannot be held captive or have their destinies destroyed.

The President will need this Generation if he ever wishes to retain the Presidency. So insulting them and seeking to mock them by some supporters of the President, who think they are helping him is not going to give him votes.

Most of the celebrities leading the Dumsor vigil have followers on twitter and facebook. They are worshipped and adored by their fans; the President won the 2012 election by a little over 300, 000 a vote, so going into the 2016 election every vote is important regardless of where it is coming from.

What is wrong from asking of our leaders to account for their stewardship? Dumsor is affecting every aspect of our life, it is threatening our very existence as a nation and people. We should rather see what the celebrities are doing as helping the President to succeed. They could decide to keep quiet, after all most of them can afford generator sets in their homes.

They will display their anger, instead when they go to the polls in 2016. A lot of those condemning them cannot garner even 50 votes for President Mahama, but these celebrities can. They campaigned with and for President Mahama in 2012. For the first time in our democratic dispensation, members of the creative art, called on the President when he won the 2012 election, this was even at the time three members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), including the flagbearer, Nana Addo and his running mate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, had dragged the President to the Supreme Court, challenging his legitimacy. These are the same people who have seen something going wrong and are also adding their voices to that of million others.

They are not doing the bidding of any political party, they just want the government to fix the debacle known as Dumsor that has bedeviled the country for three years.

Some people took to facebook to suggest that any lady above the age of 30 and not married is a prostitute, this is a very unfortunate comment coming from people who ought to know better. They are supposed to be role models and so must be circumspect in their choice of words.

In 2012, most of the ladies who campaigned for President Mahama and were members of Youth For Mahama, were not and are still not married and are above 30 years. When you live in glass house, you do not throw stones. Can the same be said of them?

These are not the characters that the President need, they should remember that in 2016, the party will go back to the people and ask for their votes, what will they tell them after insulting them?

In 2008, the NPP lost that election, because of actions and utterances like these that sought to question people for daring to demand accountability from the Kufuor government. Ghanaians thought members of the party became so arrogant that they begun speaking anyhow. Are we not in the same situation today, where anybody who asks anything of the President is seen as an enemy of the State?

The same thing happened in Nigeria with Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), people like Fayode will cut everybody tom size for daring to ask questions of the President.

The NDC and its assigns are on a self destruct mode. It is interesting that the mature people in the party have not waded into this needless controversy. It is needless because the President does not need this at this time.

What the party should be doing is to assuage peoples anger, the situation is not a god one for every well-meaning Ghanaian. It does not matter which political party one belongs, Ghana comes first, industries are folding up, people are losing their livelihood, others are dying because hospital don’t have generator plants to attend to them, some are getting sleepless nights, because the rooms are too hot, mothers are suffering, because the kids will cry all night. This is the sad reality.

You cannot beat a child and prevent the child from crying.

If the wicked generation of our grandfathers, fathers, and uncles fought, stole and did wickedly to waste their own generations and that of Generation X, should we sit back and allow them also waste this Generation Y the ‘Born-free’ generation?

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