NDC Must Learn From NPP And Ignore Martin Amidu

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), after suspending Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyepong, and Sammy Crabbe, took one of the wisest political decisions; the party issued a statement, advising its members not to respond to anything coming from the trio.

That singular decision was the turning point for the party to remain focus towards executing the 2016 general elections.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in government and now in opposition, was also confronted with the same dilemma in dealing with one of its founding members.

Martin Amidu, was sacked as Attorney General and Minister of Justice, by the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills for insubordination.

Martin Amidu, has thus made it his life’s mission to run down the NDC and discredit the party in the eyes of Ghanaians.

There is no doubt that, Martin Amidu, played a part in the NDC losing the 2016 elections, and he is still unrelenting in his avowed quest to destroy the party.

It is said that, when you are bathing and a mad man comes to take your cloth, you do not run after him. Martin Amidu, is the mad man to the NDC, the party must advice all its members to stop responding to him.

Someone who claims to be a founding member of a political party, will not go the way Martin Amidu is going. After succeeding in destroying the party, then what next?

Martin Amidu, has done his worse, it is time for the party to treat him with the contempt he deserves. He has the energy to go on, because members and sometimes executives, who ought to know better, waste time responding to his weekly, write ups, instead of concentrating on rebuilding the party.

Martin Amidu, has still not gotten over his removal from office, he is hurt and bitter. If he wants to drown, the party must allow him to go down alone, giving him the oxygen for him to remain afloat and drag the party down with him, must not be allowed.

The NPP succeeded when they excommunicated three topmost executives, the NDC, should take a cue and ignore Martin Amidu, before he does any further damage to the party.

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