NDC Legislators Are Unwelcome Disappointments


In my mind’s eye, I can see post 2016 elections and I can say without a shadow of doubt that we are going to have for the first time a functional Parliament, as we will have the Executive with the Minority in the Majority in the August House.

Most of the Members of Parliament (MPs) on the Majority side, won for the first time or retained their seats, because of the level of confidence and love Ghanaians had in President John Dramani Mahama, who was running for President in 2012.

The love they had for their President, did not stop with him, but were extended to most of the candidates, who were booed even when the President attempted to introduce them, but he had to beg them, telling them that he could not function well as their President, without having a majority in Parliament, his plea was the beginning of what was to become a disaster imposed on Ghanaians.

Two years down the line, and it is becoming clearer by the day that it was a mistake to have the caliber of people the National Democratic Congress (NDC), have in Parliament.

The President, have come under barrage of attacks for the dwindling fortunes of the economy, everyday he tries everything humanly possible to ensure that the promises he made to Ghanaians will be fulfilled. He had exhibited his readiness and willingness to get this country to the promise land, both in deed and action.

He cannot and does not wield a magic wand that he will swing for everything to be okay, that is why he needs appointees to help him steer the affairs of the nation.

The 1992 Constitution made his work easier by asking him to select most of his Ministers from Parliament. He has also gone ahead as his predecessors did by respecting and upholding that provision in the Constitution.

The primary role of MPs is to make laws, as they are not development agents, but for as long as majority of the development agents in the Executive come from parliament, they do not have any excuse, bearing in mind, the many electoral promises they make when canvassing for votes.

To say NDC MPs have been a disappointment is understatement, they have been woefully disappointing and annoyingly incompetent.

Development is not only the preserve of the Executive, MPs also have a role to play, surprisingly most of the stories we read in the newspapers, hear on the radio or watch on television about progress and projects MPs bring to their people, involve those from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), how are they able to do it, yet those on the majority side, with the benefit of spoils of power are lacking behind,
2016 will tell.

A lot of them are going to lose their seat in 2016; it is not a curse, neither is it a wish, but the writings are on the wall.

The President, will surprise them, it will be a walk in the park for him, as far as the 2016 election is concern, his work is cut out for him, because once again, he is going to face the old man of Ghana politics.

The MPs, will do all of us and themselves good if they decide not to contest to save us the embarrassment that awaits all of us. I can only hope that the stubborn ones, who love themselves more than the party and will still want to go despite the poor showing, will lose in the primaries.

I hope they are not tickling themselves and laughing, thinking that the agitations and pockets of demonstrations are only directed at the President, residents have started complaining about deplorable state of their roads, lack of potable drinking water, electricity etc, in
their areas.

MPs, who were beside themselves with joy that Government had allocated some monies to them to use to inspect ongoing projects in their Constituencies, must rethink. When I heard some of them vociferously defending it, I asked myself, what projects is there to inspect?

What good is an MP, if he cannot either lobby for projects or use his office to solicit for funds to bring some relief to his or her Constituents?

What do some of them use the MPs Common Fund for, the Fund is suppose to help them meet some of the challenges in their various Constituencies, but as things stand now, it looks like the money is used for their personal rendezvous.

Every year, we watch live on television the sittings of the Public Accounts Committee, where officers from State Institutions are grilled and exposed for misapplying and misappropriating Government funds, we all applaud their work and wish that they could be given prosecutorial powers to pursue some of the findings to its logical conclusion, instead of referring the matter to the Attorney- General’s Department, which has also proven overtime not to be effective.

Who watches the watchman is the question, many Ghanaians are asking, Parliament must also open itself for enquiry as they are also given public money, it is about time we start demanding accountability from them?

A typical example of an NDC MP, who I think if he is honest to himself, will not even contest when primaries opens in his Constituency, is Alhaji Amadu Sorogho of Madina. I am livid with him, because like many other thousands of residents in Madina, I voted for him and he has disappointed me.

I do not know him personally, but I do hope that in his heart of hearts he will just be sincere to himself and decide to reserve that seat for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The man has demonstrated that he loves himself more than the party, and so will stubbornly put himself up again for reelection, he could looking at his track record to win the primaries, but the general election, he will lose. The only way for the NDC to retain that seat is by changing Amadu Sorogho, who I think has overstayed his welcome.

The NDC in 2000 suffered because most of the MPs became complacent as a result of the long-held view of the parties having what they describe as safe seats.

Ghanaians are becoming awake by the day, they are beginning to ask more from their MPs than they used to and if anybody still thinks he can take the electorate for granted that person must be out of this world. The days of being taking for granted are over.

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