NDC Hot: Research Predicts Doom For Five Candidates In Dangme Constituencies


A research conducted by Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, a post-doctorate researcher within the Dangme communities where the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) enjoys appreciation results, have revealed trouble for the party in the upcoming December 7 general elections.

The research, has predicted a defeat of five parliamentary seats being held by the NDC since 1992 with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) tipped to pluck all the seats.

The five constituencies are, Sege, Ningo-Prampram, Yilo Krobo, Upper Manya and Shai-Osudoku.

Among the five, the first two according to the research which is most likely a done deal for the NPP are Sege and Ningo-Prampram, and that if the parliamentary candidates of the above constituencies of the NPP intensify their weight, there would be no way the NDC, could clinch victory, because the NPP candidates are winnable.

In a research title, “A look at Dangme Community Parlimentary voting pattern: A comparative review of elections held in the various constituencies and what is likely to happen in 2016 between NDC and NPP,” the researcher was emphatic that the NPP is likely to set a first straight record of securing seats in the Dangme land come December 2016.

The most interesting aspect is that, Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, this year predicted a defeat to Dr. Michael Kpessa-Whyte at Shai-Osudoku on the two occasions, when he contested.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, known for his research works in the Dangme land, is passionate about the work he does. His research aims to bring the Dangme constituencies into the national limelight so special attention.

According to the research, the decision by the voters to reject the NDC might change if President John Mahama, who is said to be enjoying appreciable support in the area moves into such constituencies and smoke the peace-pipe among the people or risk losing all the seats to the NPP.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, who was recently appointed Research Professor by the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine in Cyprus, a world renowned college of training and researching into holistic medicine as a prostate cancer researcher and policy maker as research professor in Prostate Cancer and Alternative Medicine, noted in his findings that, the support base of the NDC, has dwindled.

“The NDC members of parliament numbers keep on decreasing in most of the Dangme land. “The research also proved that 5 constituencies are really a shaky one with two seat winneable. NPP is seen winning these seats are very high as I proposed 90% now. These are Sege and Ningo Prampram. The other three Yilo Krobo, Upper Manya and Shai-Osudoku are also likely of winnable if the NPP candidate improves their weight.”

He further noted that, “The NPP is likley to set a first straight record of securing a seat in the Dangme land come December 2016 which would go a long way to help them in the election.”

According to him, his reaserch showed that the Dangme people are now looking for developmental minded Members of Parliament and not political parties anymore. To him, there are a number of factors that are militating against the NDC hence the decision by the people in the above constituencies to change their attitude towards the NDC.

The country Ghana and political analyst should watch out for the Dangme constituencies come December 2016. These five Constituencies are very Shaky for the NDC and are likely winnable in his recommendations, he had this to say, “Though the constituents are looking for change, the NPP candidates should work very hard. They should improve on their internal wrangling in some of the constituencies especially in Ningo Prampram, Lower Manya and Shai-Osudoku.

Shai –Osudoku NDC candidate, can only maintain the seat if she is able to act as a leader in the Constituency or alternatively unless the President visit the Constituency to campaign and ask the constituent to forgive each other and dissolve the “Team Kpessa and Team Ocloo to foster unity, anything apart from this, will spell doom for Linda Akweley Ocloo.”

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