NDC Group Bares Teeth At Party Leadership


….For Shirking Responsibility In Klottey Korle

The Klottey Korle Grassroot Supporters Network, have expressed disappointment in the National, Regional and Constituency executives of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), who presided over the vetting persons interested in the Klottey Korle Constituency seat for shirking their responsibility by allowing Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings to sail through, despite her ineligibility.

The group, made up of “staunch members of the NDC”, noted that the leadership of the party, ought to have known right from the start that Zanator, did not qualify per the rules of the Party, the Constitution of the Party, and the Constitution of Ghana, to contest the November NDC Parliamentary Primaries.

In a press statement dated March 7, 2016, the group pointed out that “it is this lapse that has dragged the name of our Party into disrepute and today, our Party is being discussed in the media in a negative light”.

The group, also warned against what it said, were plans by the NDC to suspend Nii Armah Ashietey and Nii John Coleman so that after the EC opens for limited registration in April, Zanetor, will register and the situation will be manipulated for her to go unopposed.

The statement signed by Nana Kwesi Aburam-Korankye, said the group have sighted the letter from the Electoral Commission (EC) revealing that, Zanetor, is not a registered voter on the EC’s National Voters’ Register, however, “this news does not surprise some of us since we have, from the very beginning, tried to draw the attention of our party’s structures to the ineligibility of Zanetor Rawlings to run on our ticket for Parliament”.

According to them, “Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings has been dishonest with us, she has deceived us, the people of Klottey Korle, the NDC and the entire country, taking all of us for granted and wasting our time, energy and resources when she knew that she was unqualified to run for Parliament yet went ahead and picked nomination forms, went through the vetting process, initiated a campaign and actually contested for the NDC parliamentary primaries last November”.

Mr. Aburam-Korankye’s statement warned “our dear Party and our sister Zanetor, will clearly be further embarrassed if she is not called to order”.

They went on “we had our own reservations, and even petitioned the Founder of our Party who happens to be the father of Zanetor Rawlings to call our sister, his daughter, to order and convince her to step down from her overzealous ambition of running for Parliament when she did not qualify per the rules of the Party and the country”.

It disclosed that “there were other attempts by other members of our party in the Constituency to correct the wrong Zanetor’s candidature posed to the fortunes of the Party in the constituency, yet all of these good-faith attempts to save the image of our Party and that of our sister from ridicule unfortunately fell on deaf ears”.

To them, “as members of the NDC, we always seek the fortunes of the Party and, at all times, we have demonstrated our willingness to support whoever our Party elects to run for any office on our Party’s ticket as long as that person qualifies per the laws of Ghana and our Party”.

They insisted “we in Klottey Korle supported Nii Armah Ashietey twice and he won the seat from the NPP for our party, changing the fortunes of the Party in the constituency that has currently become the most keenly contested in the country.
We campaigned and worked so hard to see the united NDC that people are so eager to lead now. People sacrificed their time, resources and energy just so that NDC will dominate Klottey Korle like we see today”.

According to them, “there were times when our Party’s structures in the constituency were non-existent, yet people labored – traversing the entire constituency, from branch to branch and from ward to ward, holding meetings, assembling people and encouraging them to get dedicated to the cause of the Party. Hard work, sacrifice, selflessness, dedication and honesty saw us through all these years and kept our Party at the top of the Constituency”.

“We recall the look on her face on election day in November last year, as she went from polling station to polling station searching for her name in the register and seeking to give the impression that some person or group of persons had tried to disenfranchise her, when she knew all along that she was not a registered voter”.

Mr. Aburam-Korankye’s statement mentioned that “no permanent structure can be built on zero and therefore we take this opportunity to advise our sister to rescind her decision to go ahead with her illegal bid to run for Parliament”.

It said, “As the High Court Judge said when he threw out her recent application “if one is not eligible to contest the election because he or she is not qualified, he or she can at any time even after the General Elections be disqualified on the grounds that the election was a nullity”.

The group demanded an unqualified apology from Zanetor to the party, the other contestants and the electorate, for taking everybody for granted and wasting their time.

“We also demand an immediate withdrawal of her Parliamentary Candidacy to allow her time to reflect on the wrongs she has perpetuated on us and ask for forgiveness from God”, the statement also said, and suggested she gets an NDC branch in the Klottey Korle Constituency to register with and start active work if she will in future wants to contest on our Party’s ticket for Parliament.

“Finally we advise her to ensure that she doesn’t miss the opportunity this time round when the EC opens for limited registration in April to put her name and records on the Electoral Commission register to guarantee her legal participation in our politics”, the statement said.

It disclosed that, plans are being hatched to indefinitely suspend, Nii Armah Ashietey and Nii John Coleman, so that after the EC opens for limited registration in April, Zanetor, will register and the situation will be manipulated for her to go unopposed.

It warned those hatching the plot to desist from it saying “…this is not the NPP. This is the great NDC built on accountability, probity and transparency. Our Founder is the great Jerry John Rawlings. He definitely and certainly will not orchestrate or allow persons to orchestrate the victimization of innocent party warriors who have toiled for this Party, simply to allow his ineligible daughter to run for Klottey Korle”.

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