NDC Finds It Voice At Last


The National Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has appealed to President, John Dramani Mahama to reinstate Mr. Gabriel Barima, the sacked Ahafo Ano South District Chief Executive (DCE) , who shot to fame through his famous “Tweeaa” statement.

As usual, what the Government did at that time was to sacrifice one of its own for people who obviously saw nothing wrong for what they did, for which the DCE also got carried away and had to react in such manner.

The media, especially Joy FM, which aired the “tweeaa” statement as well as the follow up interview that engineered his dismissal, did not also help matters, as recent event seem to suggest that he was secretly taped.

It is refreshing to note that finally the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is beginning to stand up and fight for its own.

The seeming attitude that characterizes the spate at which the party is ready to throw their own under the bus, thankfully that attitude is becoming a thing of the past.

Information available to us suggests that the former DCE was doing a good job; he has initiated a lot of developments projects to enhance the image of the District and the Ashanti Region.

It is no secret that the people of the Ashanti Region do not like the NDC and so any appointee who tries to break that curse is resisted and frustrated from doing anything that will inure to the benefit of the NDC as a party.

The ball as we say is now in the court of the President, he had sacked him, probably without consulting the party, now the party wants him reinstated.

It is our hope that the President will listen to the wise counsel of the party to reinstate Gabriel Barima.

We should learn to make room for people like Gabriel Barima, who obviously got ahead of himself when a tape recorder was placed before him. on a balance of probability, his good works far outweigh this unfortunate statement.

What happened to the one or the people who also caught under his skin?

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