NDC Congress Heading For No Show With A Myriad Of Court Cases


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is at the breaking point, the much publicized National Congress to elect National Executives, to be held in this month is going to be no show.

Our elders have a saying that a boil that will grow into a hernia, will be noticed the moment it starts. Even Constituency that started last month is saddled with so many problems.

The party had three steps to climb, the party needs to clear the Constituency, Regional and National elections, as things stand now the party is yet to be done with the first hurdle.

NDC members glibly go on air to criticize and chastise the New Patriotic Party (NPP), for the problems the party had and is still having with regards to its internal elections. At least for the NPP, they know what problems confront them and on October 18, after the National Delegates’ Congress, the party will start the process of healing.

Political parties in Ghana, since we ushered in the 1992 democratic dispensation, have gone through several elections to elect party officers. At the turn of every election, it is often marred by problems and accusations of abuse of incumbency, as well as the use of money to influence voters.

A simple internal election of electing officers to man the party for a stated period leaves the parties divided, yet all they keep telling us is that it is to serve the people.

What annoys me with the political parties is that, they are quick to criticize the Electoral Commission (EC) and the Chairman of the EC, Dr. Kwawdo Afari Djan of rigging elections, in favour of one political party.

The NDC not too long ago because of its antecedents is seen as a violent political party, but with the emergence of the late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, the party was rebranded and given a new face. The party attracted a lot of people, who appears to be moderate and that is what worked for the party to win the 2008 presidential elections.

This was not before the likes of Dr. Obed Asamoah, the former Chairman, Bede Zeden, who returned to the party and was made a regional Minister, but unfortunately against the backdrop of his performance was sacked, Francaise Essiam, who was beaten at the Koforidua Congress that saw the elections of Dr. Kwabena Adjei and Asiedu Nketiah, as Chairman and General Secretary respectively.

The Tamale Congress in 2009 was without any incident, because everybody agreed that the old executives had performed creditably well and must be maintained, after all the purpose of having competent executives is to win an election for you.

The election of national executives preceded the elections of the Constituency and Regional elections.

The mistake of your opponent is an opportunity offered to you not to repeat it. The problems in the NPP that begun before the party went to Tamale to elect National Executives, is refusing to go away. The lack of trust that characterized that election is what had metamorphosed into a full blown problem that is going to affect the party going into the 2016 elections.

The NDC, is expected to learn from how the problem in the NPP is threatening to destroy the party, logically, you will not expect the NDC to also be shooting itself in the foot.

A timetable released by the party for the organization of elections for positions in the party, have been thrown out of the window, because people, mostly current executives, at every level of the party for their selfish interest are making it impossible for others who want to challenge them to have a fair and a level playing field to contest. They want their favourites to win, so that when the time comes for the Regional, as well as national elections, they will in turn return the favour.

We have seen the damage that NPP has to deal with, but the NDC’s is yet to resurface. A party cannot wish to win elections and govern, if internal elections considered as a family contest can cause so much acrimony and anxiety and even threatens to disintegrate a political party, then our democracy is not mature as we all want the world to believe.

The ability of the leadership of the NDC to handle the current problems, fueled by some selfish individuals, who wants to hold onto power at all cost, has the tendency to affect the party in the 2016 general elections.

You also have some recalcitrant members, who also don’t want to follow the laid down rules and approved party structures for the resolution of grievances. They have also dragged the party to court and that have also stalled the progress made.

I think that although they are exercising their democratic right, it is also equally important for them to understand that when you are in a
group, you should always put the collective interest of the group above your personal and parochial interest.

They might feel justified because clearly some individuals are scheming to have others disqualified; they must, however, respect the structures of the party.

They might feel cheated today, tomorrow is another day, with another opportunity, but if their actions is going to divide and break the party, then they will be no party for them to govern should they go ahead to win in the elections.

The current executives, must also be seen not to be biased and using their position to scuttle the chances of others. The reports coming from the regions, is not one that engineers hope. A lot of people are looking up to them to be unbiased and show leadership, but if all the allegations are directed towards them, especially the Greater Accra regional executives, then a lot is left to be desired.

It is obvious that they do not deserve to be in the office and I will urge delegates to vote out anybody, whose actions are in any way overtly or covertly connected to the unfortunate happenings in the party. The NDC is bigger than any one individual. The earlier the party reign in all those found culpable.

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