NDC Chairman Explains No Contribution, No Chop comment

….As Party Launches Electronic Pay System

By Patrick Biddah

The Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, has explained his “No Contribution, No Chop” statement, which he made some time ago, saying it has been misconstrued for the wrong reasons.

He said the no Contribution, no Chop comment he made was not to  demand financial contribution as a requirement for giving appointment when the NDC returns to power.

According to him, the contribution he was talking about was in respect of the physical efforts in terms of radio and television appearances to speak for the party.

Going to the grounds to campaign by distributing campaign materials and the presence at NDC functions are some of the contributions he was talking about.

Speaking at the launch of an electronic pay system for the NDC on Monday, the Chairman said he has been misquoted.

“The other time when I was saying NCNC, which is No Contribution No Chop, I was misquoted. They wanted to cause mischief so they deliberately misquoted me”, he noted.

“What I was saying is that in the NDC now is a new era of hard work at the grassroots mobilization level and it is the time where every member must contribute his efforts, time and energy “,he added.

He further indicated that he was asking party people to show vigilance at the constituencies and during elections day

On the new pay system of the NDC, the Chairman said this is the time for none pay up members to pay ,in the sense that all those who have picked forms to contest the Parliamentary Primaries will need only paid up members to endorse their forms.

The new pay system is in two categories. The first one is a mobile money short code which is *216#.You dial the short code on your phone and then follow the prompts to pay dues or contribute to the party as a donor.

The second category is a website which can be downloaded on Google play store or Apple Stores and has the domain name NDC GHANA.

The opening of the website also helps in getting members to pay their dues and donate accordingly.

The General Secretary of the party, who outlined some of the benefits, said it would help  to fight those who manipulate the payment of their dues through the manual system.

According to him, it also helps to get evidence of payment and keep track of the payment of dues inflows.

During open forum, he said it helps those donors who do not wish their identities to be known and can still show proof of payment when they have to.

This , he explained is because some people make donations to the party but it does not get to the appropriate office because the donors always claim anonymity which makes it difficult to even know if there is a donation.

The Chairman of the Finance Committee of the NDC, Kwame Peprah, indicated that the new electronic system helps to save cost, since a member will not have to travel a distance which cost him about Ghc10.00, only to pay dues of Ghc1.00.



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