NCCE Did Not Educate Voters Enough On The District Level Elections

Over the years, especially since the introduction of the District Level Elections, the elections have been characterized with voter apathy.

What happened yesterday, shows that nothing has changed, if anything, it is worsening. Given the zero voters awareness since 1994, when the District Assembly Elections Act (ACT 473) was passed, the National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE), should be reminded that voters are not interested, because they see and hear nothing in the form of campaign or simple information from them.

The NCCE, which is expected to keep educating voters all year round, until the day of the elections, won’t breathe a word about it, expecting the people to know perhaps by some kind of voodoo.

If the NCCE, still does not know, it follows that it must be reminded in a plain language that it is not doing enough in sensitising the electorate on the need to take part in District Level Elections.

Who says jingles shouldn’t have been running, since January this year?

We note with concern the lackluster attitude that has always heralded the District Level Elections, with all the players, including the Electoral Commission (EC) doing little to raise the level of interest.

Politicians, as well as the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), say with certitude that the conceptualisation and execution of District Level Elections, is to allow for the people at the local level to take part or have a say in the governance process, yet little is done to make the elections attractive.

As a newspaper, we are not oblivious of the financial and logistical constraints of the NCCE, but if those in charge, could be a little innovative and engaging, they don’t necessarily need a dime to disseminate information.

Telecommunication companies are fond of sending unsolicited messages to their subscribers, NCCE, could have gotten in touch with the telecom companies for them to use their medium to send messages to their subscribers to educate them about the elections.

Again, all the media outlets, from radio, television stations, as well as newspapers, if NCCE, had engaged the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), would have prevailed upon its members to run free adverts and commercials for them.

The NCCE, should be mindful of the delicate shades in all it is expected to do. It is the expectation of this newspaper that, the low voter turnout reported in this election, would be a wakeup call for all concern.



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