NCA Must Take A Cue From Nigeria


MTN Nigeria last Friday, reached a final resolution on the N1.04 trillion fine imposed by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) in October 2015.

The telecom firm was sanctioned by the regulatory authority over its refusal to disconnect 5.1 million improperly registered lines within the prescribed deadline.

This example by Nigerian authorities, is a wake –up call for the National Communication Authourity (NCA), who over the years, have pampered telecommunication companies, despite the numerous complaints from subscribers.

In Ghana, our proverbial hospitable nature has made us timid and as such, we afraid to step on any toes, especially if that toe is a foreign one.
Even when the NCA, has concluded through its findings that any of the telecommunication companies, needed to be sanctioned, how much do we ask them to pay.

We have always imposed fines and sanctions that basically tell them to go and sin again. The Nigerian example is one that tells you to go and sin no

Every user of a mobile phone in this country or those who buy data, have had one bad experience or another with a service provider, we have always
had to curse and complain to friends, who can’t help, except to listen and share their experiences too.

You call their call centres, hoping to talk to someone and is either the line is busy or the call is terminated.

The NCA, must start biting and must bite hard. They have been sleeping for far too long. We have always waited for some country to lead the way, Nigeria, has done it and we can do it.

MTN, have accepted to pay the fine, because the company knows it is guilty and that is a market they can’t afford to lose.

Ghana is also one of the countries, where the company makes a lot of its profit. We can also flex our muscles, when they violate any of the Code of Corporate Governance for the telecommunications industry.

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