National Service Postings To Mortuaries Untrue –NSS


The National Service Secretariat (NSS), has rubbished claims by some graduates that they have been posted to serve their national service at mortuaries, saying the allegations are not only absurd, but too stern to joke with.

The secretariat feels those behind them, must bow their heads in shame.

Some university graduates, following the NSS release of the 2014/2015 postings on Tuesday, expressed disappointment at their postings by the Secretariat.

One of them, who claim to be a graduate of the University of Ghana (UG), said he has been posted to a mortuary in Adaklu in the Volta Region.

But the Member of Parliament (MP) for Adaklu, Kwame Agbodza, has in an interview with The Herald, questioned the motive of the students’ claim, saying there is neither a hospital nor a mortuary facility in Adaklu, except a couple of Chip Compounds with nurses, who are working on their own, without the supervision of a medical doctor.

Meanwhile The Herald, has noted a worrying trend where some unscrupulous persons use computer programmes to disfigure National Service posting documents, especially the column detailing “Place of Posting”.

This paper is in possession of two defaced documents bearing the names of Koranteng Eugene and Davidson Fred, HND Marketing graduate of the Accra Polytechnic and B.A Communication – Strategic Communications graduate, from African University College of Communications, respectively.

The fresh graduate, Koranteng Eugene, who has no experience in the field of health, has shockingly been posted to Ebola Control, Aflao Border in the Volta Region.

Koranteng Eugene’s National Service number as NSSGAP099814.

Davidson Fred, who read B.A Communication – Strategic Communications, has been posted to “Novokpo District Hospital Mortuary Volta”. There is a town in the Volta Region called Nogokpo but not Novokpo in the Ketu South District.

Davidson Fred, has NSSGAC002713 as his National Service number.

The MP for Adaklu, disclosed that the Adaklu area, is expecting the construction of Polyclinic soon adding, even though the Waya site of the polyclinic, is ready together with the site plan, the contractor is not yet known as the contract has not been awarded.

Mr. Agbodza, suspected mischief in the claims, because his checks at the National Service Secretariat drew blank with officers telling him no one has been posted to the phantom, Adaklu Mortuary.

A graduate of the UG, whose name was not given, had said he was unhappy with the choice of posting, because it has nothing to do with his area of study, especially so when some graduates have been posted to banks, telecommunication companies, hospitals and top government agencies, while others were posted to mortuaries and farms.

Speaking to Citi News, the student who spoke on condition of anonymity said that “I am a little bit disappointed because as a Business Student, I don’t see why I have been given a mortuary to go and do my Service. It doesn’t make sense.”

“It is not just National Service, it is my life and going to do my service at the mortuary, I can’t get a job,” he added.
Another student, Japheth Benefu said, “I was posted to Sekondi Takoradi and I am not happy with my posting at all.”

“I didn’t choose that region and I don’t know anybody there and even what I am going to do is not specific. It’s non-formal education and I have not heard any institution called non-formal education”

He stated that he would either “fight for a reposting or just stop and retry another time.”

The Director of Public Relations at the NSS, Ambrose Entsiwah, has also argued that officials at the Secretariat are level-headed enough to protect students from the dangers of working at such “worrying areas”.

“We have not posted anyone to a mortuary,” Entsiwah told the state-owned Radio Ghana. “People are using technology to do all sorts of negative things.”

However, Entsiwah asserted that there could be a possibility where service personnel posted to particular hospitals in the country, could be reassigned by the authorities there to perform morgue related work.

“If a hospital decides to do that then that is a different thing all together,” the NSS spokesperson said, adding, that is outside the mandate of the Secretariat.

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