National Service ‘Big Woman’ Snubs BNI


…Risk Arrest Today

The task for the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) to uncover the whole truth and the people behind the massive rots recorded at the National Service Scheme (NSS), is being thwarted by the Board chair of the Scheme.

Mrs. Gifty Biyira Mahama, who took over the operations of the Scheme after the ousting of it Executive Director, Alhaji Imoro Alhassan last month, has refused to honour an invitation by the BNI to question her on certain issues at the NSS, which made the headlines few weeks ago.

“The Herald’s” sources say, Mrs. Gifty Biyira Mahama, was invited last Tuesday, October 28, 2014 by the BNI to their offices in Accra to respond something very critical to their investigation, however, this paper is told that the Board chairperson refused to honour the invitation, insisting she needs to wait for her lawyer.

The Board chair’s conduct comes days after “The Herald” reported that Alhaji Imoro Alhassan, who has been remanded in BNI custody, declined to speak to accusation that he ordered his directors in the various regions to siphon funds belonging to the Scheme to him for his private use.

The directors, who were drawn mainly from the Western, Brong Ahafo, Ashanti regions upon interrogations by the BNI, claimed that they were ordered by their boss in Accra, Alhaji Alhassan ,to indulge in the unprofessional conduct.

The BNI is said to be very furious over her snub and has threatened to go after her, should she continue to play hide and seek with them. She has up to today, Monday November 3, 2014, to respectfully appear before the investigators or risks being arrested by the authorities.

The Board chairman is perceived to have a colossal amount of information which will help in the on-going investigation, which is expected to bring to the end, years of massive looting of the Scheme’s funds by IT officers throughout the country.

It is alleged that she is hiding behind some powerful men in authority, believing they can protect her.

Her invitation follows series of reports by “The Herald”, most recent was on a letter Mrs. Mahama sent to the Controller and Accountant General Department, ordering them to inform the Director, Banking Division of Bank of Ghana, to make her, the principal signatory to the Scheme’s Account.

The letter, captioned “Change of Signature to National Service Account” was signed by Mrs. Mahama and one Winifred A Hushie, Director of Human Resource and dated, October 7, 2014.

Mrs. Mahama’s letter, which is making the rounds in government circles, states among others that “I should be grateful if you would inform the Director, Banking Division of Bank of Ghana of the change in signature of the National Service Scheme Account, following the Scheme’s Board of Directors decision that the Executive Director, Alhaji Imoro Alhanssan, should step aside for the Bureau of National Investigation to complete its investigations into the alleged fraudulent payment of National Service Personnel allowances.

That Mrs. Gifty Bayira Mahama, the Board Chairman should become the principal signatory to the Scheme’s account”.

Meanwhile, The Herald’s insiders at the NSS, have disclosed that another damning document is making the rounds about Mr. Vincent Kuagbenu, who was once Executive Director of the NSS. The document is said to have been leaked to the Daily Guide newspaper, which started publishing it content last week.

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