National Security Tames Legon


If it was a movie, it would be titled “Legon and National Security Part Two”. The National Security secretariat has once again demonstrated that no institution or individual can take the law into their own hands and do as they please, by pulling down the illegal toll booth the University was clandestinely reconstructing again after it was pulled down some months ago.

The Government through the Ministry of Education had written to the university authourities telling them government readiness to absorb the cost of constructing the roads on campus for which reason they were tolling the roads.

When they were prevailed upon to stop tolling, in a fist of anger and to call the bluff of everybody, including the Chief of Staff, who is a former Student of the University, they decided to allow only entry into the university through Okponglo.

Anybody who wishes to access the university through other routes must buy GH¢ 400 sticker. Legon subsequently made itself a Republic within Ghana. Sanity was restored when the former National Security Capo, Lt. Col Larry Gbevlo Lartey, deployed his men to pull down the illegal structure at Okponglo, because it was causing public nuisance.

After his exit, the university started building the structure again, this time saying, it was a security post. The State power was deployed again to let them know that this is a law abiding country and despite the exit of the former security capo, the Institution is still working.

What purpose will the security post serve, when they already exist one.

It was disheartening listening to workers of the university, complaining of non-payment of salaries for close to seven months, yet the
university finds money to be erecting unnecessary toll booths or security post.

This nonsense being served on Ghanaians by the University is gone on for far too long. All those whose responsibility it is to manage the university, must redefine their priorities, the university is an institution of learning not a construction company.

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