National Sanitation Day Loses Steam?


The National Sanitation Day, was introduced in 2013 by the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, when he was the Minister responsible for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

Ghanaians from all walks of life, took part and have been taken part ever since. Like everything we do in Ghana, we believe in nine days wonder and so the exercise, noble and well intended is losing its steam.

When it was first introduced, a lot of advertisement and conscientization was done to sensitize Ghanaians and get their involvement in achieving a clean and safe environment.

At some point, Chiefs were involved to make it more communal and involving, but recent exercises shows that, the day is gradually becoming a shadow of it recent past.

If we cannot sustain and improve it, we should at least maintain it. Cleanliness, we learnt in our early years, they say is next to godliness. Unfortunately, whatever that means is only good on paper and not in real practice.

We are not even supposed to be reminded of our responsibilities to ourselves and our surroundings, nobody reminds us to either bath or sweep our rooms; we do that because
it is necessary, why not apply the same principle to our environment.

It is becoming clear that, we move only when we are pushed, even in the face of danger and so we call on the relevant institutions and agencies, to endeavor to make this year different.

In two weeks time, we are going to have the second national Sanitation Day exercise for the year all that is needed, including incentives must be employed to make it the biggest and well patronized exercise since we began the day.

Attention should not only be focused on where the President and his Vice, will partake in the exercise, every Minister or Member of Parliament (MP), must be encourage to go back home or to his or her Constituency to help promote the day.

The Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, must also reach out to the corporate world for sponsorship and participation, if possible an award scheme must be instituted to award a community that would record the highest turn out, or an institution that would sponsor the day.

Every Ghanaian must feel involved in the exercise, all the opposition parties, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP), must be co-opted into the broad exercise framework.
No Ghanaian or other nationals living in Ghana, must be left behind, lest the exercise become another nine day wonder.

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