National Health Insurance & Al-Hayaat Foundation Fight Cervical Cancer


The Al-Hayaat Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), will next year, partner the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to educate and create awareness on the causes and effect of Cervical Cancer, amongst women.

Hajia Hanatu Abubakar, Founder and President of the foundation, formed to create awareness of Cervical Cancer and its prevention, has since been one of the most prominent NGOs in the forefront of the fight against this particular cancer.

The NHIS, has Cervical Cancer, amongst the list of illnesses that can be treated under the scheme, and according to Hajia Abubakar, the Scheme, has
agreed to partner her foundation to intensify the campaign in the coming year.

This came to light, when the Al-Hayaat Foundation, which also gives a helping hand to children from especially, deprived areas, donated food items and other necessities to the pupils of Adenta Community Kindergarten School, ahead of the Christmas celebration.

Hajia Hanatu, gathered all the female teachers and non-teaching ones and briefed them on the dangers of the disease and how it could be prevented. She later, distributed some fliers and armbands to them to educate themselves and other women about the disease.

She added that, the NHIS, caters for the disease and so urged them to seek help from the hospital, immediately they see symptoms of it so that lives could be saved.

She saw her foundation’s decision to donate to the school as a noble one adding, “There is more in giving than receiving”.

As a resident of the Adentan Community, Hajia Abubakar, said she was touched by the hard work and commitment of Mrs. Agyekum and the teachers; the reason the foundation, thought it wise to assist them with the numerous items.

Since its creation, the foundation, has educated women on the dangers and prevention of cervical cancer, an effort which has been recognized by the likes of the Central University College (CUC), which honoured it recently with a citation, “In recognition of the foundation’s effort in rendering service to mankind.

The Women’s Commission of the SRC (2015/2016) appreciates your commitment to helping save women’s lives. Thank you for your enormous contribution to mother Ghana”.

The items donated to the school includes, toys, bags of rice, gallons of vegetable oil, tissue papers, onions, biscuits, disposable plates etc, is the foundation’s own way of providing and assisting the needy and deprived in society.

It is also to support the pupils’ to end the year in a very memorable style, as they marked the occasional “Our Day” on Wednesday.

The foundation, which brought hope and excitement to the pupils, also gave out canopies, tables, chairs and music for this term’s “Our Day” to climax the activities for the year.

Receiving the items, the head teacher of the Adenta Community Kindergarten School, Josephine Agyekum, thanked the -Hayaat Foundation for recognizing and remembering them in this period of giving and sharing. She said, the school, although was well kept and managed with care and love, it lacked a lot.

Mrs. Agyekum ,who was full of praise for the Al-Hayaat Foundation, noted that the pupils are from poor background, and lack very basic materials that enhances studies and learning. Sometimes she said, “Some of the pupils whose parents are squatters in the community, come to school without wearing panties or bathing”.

In such circumstances, she has to quickly take up the responsibility to provide for such children to have the peace of mind to study. She urged parents to be more concern about the welfare of their children, instead of being more fixated with material things.

Despite their peculiar circumstance, Mrs. Agyekum, said the children numbering 300 are taking through very vigorous studies, making them very competitive and are able to compete with any international or private school in the area.
Despite their ages, the school, has built an Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory for the pupils to prepare them for the ever growing technological world.

Having been adjudged one of the best kindergarten schools in the municipality, the Adenta Community Kindergarten School, has won several awards.

She pleaded with government to absorb the non-teaching staff unto its payroll; as their work was very critical in developing the children to become better adults.

At present, non-teaching staff are paid from the little contributions made by the few parents, who are able to give out some amount to the school. She called on the government to employ more hands to enhance teaching and learning.

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