Nana Konadu Now That You Have Our Attention, What Do You Want?


Let me see if I understood the event of this week.

On Monday, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, speaking to Francis Abban in an interview on Pulse, a current affairs programme on the Joy News channel on Multi TV, Monday said the Mahama-led administration has failed to effectively fight corruption.

“If it is a gift that he is sitting in his Bole somewhere and someone says ‘oh I am giving you a car,” then, according to the former First Lady, allegations of conflict of interest would not have cropped up.

“It is wrong. Anything in exchange for something is wrong. I think he [President Mahama] should have been the first person to say ‘hey you were looking for a contract, go through my [aides] don’t bring anything to me,’” she said.

We are re-living George Orwels Animal Farm, where two legs are bad, whiles four legs are good. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, have always behaved like a spoilt child, who always wants attention.

It seems more than ever she has our attention now, at least she has mine now, so I want to ask her, what do you want Madam?

The rise of Hillary Clinton, who is on her way to become the first female president of the United States of America (USA), should have served as reminder to her that, patience move mountain and that you do not bring down the very ladder that, you need to climb to get to the top.

Hilary Clinton, who was favoured to lead the Democratic Party, in the party’s primary prior to the 2008 presidential election, lost to someone, who most political watchers at the time said, was not the front runner.

Barrack Obama, who started off like, the republican presumptive nominee of today (2016), Donald Trump, was not given a dog’s chance, he was considered as just adding to the numbers, but Obama after losing in Iowa, from one state to another, he kept pulling surprises, until the final round, when he won the Democratic nomination. He was on his way to make history as the first president of America of African descent.

The 2008 Democratic primary with Hilary was by far more competitive than the general election, when he faced-off with the Republican candidate, John Mcain. As they say, the rest is history, as he became the first black to lead the most powerful nation on earth; he is expected to exit this year.

Hilary Clinton, when she lost to Obama was not bitter, she didn’t bitch around, she accepted her fate, she didn’t go on insulting spree, she was not envious of the poor Blackman’s success, who many will say was rather feeding off the husband of Hilary, Bill Clinton, one of the finest presidents of the USA.

Obama offered her one of the most powerful positions in his cabinet; Secretary of state.

As a fighter, she took solace in the fact that, he who fight and runs away, lives to fight another day. She bided her time, until the opportune time, when she put herself up again and this time, she is not only the Democratic nominee, but she is on her way to the White House.

Nana Konadu, on the other hand, has always gotten ahead of herself; she has accused every leader in this country of wrong doing, except herself and her husband.

She has loved been worship, been called madam, she is refusing to accept the fact that, time is never static and that, she is no longer the first

During their nineteen year rule, apart from gifts that they received that were unknown to us, can she with honesty tell us that, she and her husband, did not receive gifts.

We were all taken for fools, when we were told that, a friend was the one paying for her wards school fees in the United Kingdom (UK).
Eddie Annan, who was her darling boy, gave her and the husband a car, people like the President, John Dramani Mahama, went out of their way to defend them.

What she has done is a classical case of the pot calling the kettle black. She has suddenly developed morals and principles and wants us to take her words seriously.

She has formed a political party to contest the 2016 presidential elections, where did she get the money to do so, as it is a one man show. She is the financier, founder, leader and presidential candidate.

Most of the comments she made, would be difficult for a sane mind to believe that they came from the same person, who has enjoyed every good thing, this country has to offer.

If this kind of hate comments can come from home, what do we expect from the other opposition parties, who do not share the same principles, espoused by her husband, i.e. probity and accountability.

She still has some years left in her to do the right thing. If her party was attractive and had any chance of achieving any electoral fortune, her daughter Dr. Zanetor Rawlings, wouldn’t have decided to contest on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to represent the people of Osu Klottey.

The worst thing a human can do to oneself is refusing to tell oneself the truth. And the truth is that the level of
It is said that, if you live in a glass house, you don’t throw stones.

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