Nana Akufo-Addo And The Parables Of The Prostitute


You must have seen one of those must read stories, you must have received it in your email, with the explosion of social media sites, you might have received one from a friend via Whatsapp or Facebook etc.

There is this one I received from a friend; the story was about a lady who was a prostitute. She did her job so well and for so long. It also meant that she had to undergo a lot of abortions. At one point, she decided to undergo a full hysterectomy to avoid any need for further abortions. The doctors indulged her after getting her to sign the consent. One of the lines on the consent form said, she agreed that she would never have a baby again.

Along the way, as these stories go, she got redeemed. She accepted Christ and became born again. Her new passion for Christ found favour in the heart of the dashing pastor of her new age church. In no time, the pastor proposed to her. She was reluctant to accept, for obvious reasons. The pastor insisted that God spoke to him to marry her. She asked the pastor to check again for he must have misunderstood what God said. After going back and forth with the pastor insisting that he heard God well, she told the pastor that her womb had been taken out.

“No problem,” the pastor said. “I’ll still marry you.”

They got married. Lo and behold, before honeymoon was over she became pregnant. And that was when the story became interesting.

She returned to the Doctor that removed her womb and reported that she was pregnant. After a natural bout of dismissal and doubts, the Doctor did a pregnancy test and
as the story put it, “to his greatest surprise”, the Doctor discovered that the woman was pregnant for real.

To crown it all, on the ninth month, she gave birth to a baby. Not just any baby- she gave birth to the gold standard baby- “a bouncy baby boy.”

I know. By now your heart has melted like a spoon of butter left in the sun. And that’s when the peddlers of this tale finally strike. They now say to you in upper case:

“IT WAS THE GRACE, FAVOUR AND MERCY OF GOD that the prostitute could have a child. Therefore, I decree upon your life that whatsoever that has or might have damaged in your life, in your body, in your skills, your career, your academics, your business, MAY THE FAVOUR, MERCY, GRACE AND MIRACLE OF GOD LOCATE YOU. YOU TYPE AMEN TO THIS PRAYER, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN. My brothers & sisters, God still does this kind of miracles, just write “Amen” and share this story to your friends, you will see GOD perform a Miracle in your life today!!!”

Immediately, thousands of our compatriots rush to type Amen. If it is the one that urges you to forward the tale to 60 friends in six minutes so that Bill Gates will
drop an iPad under your pillow, thousands of us will do so.

Nobody pauses to ask simple questions. Like, where will a fertilized egg get implanted on, when the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovaries and the cervix were taken out during hysterectomy? Even in a partial hysterectomy, if fertilized egg is not self-aborted before the woman knows she’s pregnant, it gets attached to the other organs of the abdomen or the walls of one of the fallopian tubes, immediately putting the life of the mother in danger. Gynecologists and obstetricians often remove such rare fetuses. Unless a didelphic uterus is involved, hysterectomy is as good as sterility.

Those are the questions we should be asking and not singing, Amen. But trust us, Ghanaians! We all long for signs and wonders in place of reason and proof.

And once the Bible and the cross come out, like in the story of the prostitute, it is miracle and grace that follows not logic and reason. Objectivity disappears.

Empirical evidence becomes irrelevant. Amen stands upon other Amen, until the ladder climbs up to heaven under the whirlwind of promises

The Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is just like this prostitute, who has lost the right to have a baby; he on the other hand, has lost every opportunity to be President of this country, when he lost in that crucial 1997 primary of the NPP to former President, John Agyekum Kufuor.

This is the reason his handlers have designed a strategy that will keep and ensure that he wins the next election at all cost.

That strategy is very simple: show the people their miserable lives and point to them the people to blame for it. That’s how elections are typically won. In the case of Nana Addo, he has crafted the people to blame – others and especially the Government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), led by President John Dramani Mahama, as well as former President John Kufuor, who many of his followers say was the reason he lost the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

Nana Addo, who has since 2008, tried desperately to sell himself to the people of this country, has failed. He has once again managed to convince the delegates of the NPP that he is their best bet going into the 2016 election.

A lot of questions like that of the prostitute, the delegates and Nana Addo himself failed to asked is, how do you market a product that has been rejected twice?
What new thing is Nana Addo bringing that has not already been sold to Ghanaians?

Are they going to employ image makers to paint a different picture of the man than the one we already know?

Age, will also be a major factor in the 2016 elections, and whether Nana Addo likes it or not, he will have to confront it.

They are a lot of dark clouds hovering around Nana Addo’s past that makes it impossible for Ghanaians to trust him.

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