Nana Akomea’s NYEP Contract Documents Missing At GYEEDA


By Alfred K Dogbey

The man tasked to overhaul the ailing Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), Kobby Acheampong, has dropped nerve-racking revelations into the infamous GYEEDA brouhaha, that all contract documents signed under state-run special employment programme since 2006 could not be traced.

Mr. Kobby Acheampong, who expressed deep frustration over the development disclosed that “I’m yet to see contract documents of programmes started from 2006”.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, it would be recalled disclosed at the time the committee report on GYEEDA was released that top notch officers in the erstwhile ex-President Kufour’s administration, under whose tenure the programme started have been cited.

He said, the report captured names of leading New Patriotic Party (NPP) stalwarts, such as Nana Akomea, Dr. Anthony Akoto-Osei, who served under the Kufuor regime as Employment and Youth Minister and Minister of State at the Finance Ministry, respectively.

However, less than six months findings of the report has been made public by the newly appointed national Coordinator of the agency bemoaned contract documents signed under former NYEP boss, Nana Akomea is allegedly missing.

Sounding sober on Accra-based television, Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’ programme, Mr. Acheampong said “as we speak, I am yet to see contract documents to programmes that were started from 2006, when the programme was first rolled out”.

He said, “I have sat in that office for a while now and I’m privy to some facts, not information but facts. And I can say if we decide, as a country to be non-partisan in dealing with this GYEEDA issue, we would have to go back to when it started.”

Mr. Acheampong, who was appointed by President Mahama about three months ago to oversee the restructuring of the agency, noted that to be able to thoroughly deal with what became GYEEDA rot, “we would have to go back to where it started”.

To him, a full and serious inquest must be done from when the agency was first started, but should be done devoid of unnecessary politicization that has characterized national discuss, adding that “let’s go with what is right for this country”.

He said if a crime has been committed, let the law court deal with the crime and at the end of the day, let the person do the time for the crime he has committe. So that we all get over this hump of the blame game,” the GYEEDA boss maintained.

Meanwhile, Kobby Akyeampong said, GYEEDA can now start afresh, after Government cancelled the contracts of all service providers deemed unwise.
The Coordinator is currently pushing for internal re-organisation and capacity building at GYEEDA “to do what it should do best – monitor and evaluate these service providers”.

Kobby said, the move by government, “gives GYEEDA the opportunity to start from the scratch, and to start with a legal framework in place.”
Government will be passing a GYEEDA law, a lack of it, has been what critics and commentators on the scandal at GYEEDA say was an incentive for wrongdoing.

“Currently a draft bill is in the process of being drawn. We have gone through a mock reading between the Attorney-General’s office, the Ministry of Youth & Sport and GYEEDA…this bill will go to a cabinet subcommittee and make a recommendation to a full cabinet who will also look at it”, the national coordinator explained.

He pointed out, “once there is a legal framework in place, it tells people you cannot do this, you can do this”.

Before the Bill heads to Parliament to be passed into law, Mr. Kobby Akyeampong reveals, there would be a stakeholders conference to elicit views from the public to be incorporated into the legislative piece.

It is, however, unclear what had happened or where the documents had disappeared to, but The Herald has opened its own investigation and is keenly following the matter to unravel the mystery about the whereabouts of the documents.

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