Nana Addo Should Stay In Ghana And Solve Our Problems

A football player, who decided on his accord own to resign from playing for the national team, because of issue of captaincy, gets invited by the president to persuade him to rescind his decision, despite the existence of the minister of youth and sport, the black stars management Committee, as well as other bodies responsible for the promotion of football.

Three girls, have gone missing for more than seven months now and the leader of the country, has not found it expedient to invite the families of the kidnap girls to the Flagstaff House to assure them of the safe return of their daughters, sisters etc.

All they have been asking for since the kidnap, was some assurance from the authourities that, they are doing everything humanly possible to return the girls home, and who best to put their minds at ease, than the first gentleman of the land.

For weeks now, Chereponi, has been engulfed in conflict, the president, will prefer to rather fly out of the country than to stay to ensure that, peace is returned to that town.

When the Great Parisian Cathedral, Notre Dame, was gutted by fire, the president did not only send a message of condolence to the people of that country, it was reported that he donated $2 million.

This newspaper is not suggesting the president committed erred because Ghana is among the comity of nations, we are only reminding the president that charity they say, begins at home.

The people who elected him are in Ghana, it took a collection of valid votes counted to get him to fulfill his childhood dream. Every life matter, regardless of their status and background, because every vote counts.

In opposition candidate Akufo-Addo, would have been the first person to go to Takoradi or issue statement accusing the government of doing little to end the conflict in Chereponi

Presidents, who care about the welfare of their people, have had on several occasions cancel planned trips because of a burning issue at home.

Our outside gentility home cry president will honour every invitation even if Ghana is burning.

He is preaching Ghana beyond aid, but he has travelled outside Ghana, more than any president in the fourth Republic in their first three years.

Although, the minister of Defence, Dominic Nitiwul, cannot be said to be comprised, he belonging to one of the tribes makes him complacent, if anyone should know this it is the president, who has filled his government with family members.

In the annals of the fourth republic, he has created more moribund portfolios than his predecessors, he can create one and send Dominic Nitiwul there, example Minister of Defence at the presidency, that will be the first step in resolving the conflict. The Chokosis, do not trust the minister to be impartial.

Power has indeed exposed the hypocrisy of Nana Addo.

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