Nana Addo Needs Rebranding But Not On The MMT Buses


When they say, the country is in crisis, what they actual mean is that, the New patriotic Party (NPP), is in crisis, when they say they want to fix the country, what actually needs fixing, is the NPP.

A political party, which is desirous of power won’t engage in the kinds of shenanigan, the NPP is currently engaged in.

We need a revolution, not for the country, but for the NPP, the party need to get rid of certain people of a certain age.

The NPP is suffering from crisis of age. The party needs a proper revolution, because those taking decisions on behalf of the party, do not know the times we live in.

What is wrong with the NPP? A party of choice some years ago, is becoming a laughing stock, a party of the youth is now dominated by men and women, who should be home the little time that they have left spending it with their grandchildren.

The few young men are also getting infected with the age syndrome, a set of symptom that is making it difficult to tell what exactly the party is all about in this crucial election.

The self harm is becoming the hallmark of the party these days. The comedy of errors which is supposed to woo voters is becoming like a naked dance at the market square.

Forget the senseless demonstrations which no longer attract people, forget the press conferences that areoverstretching even journalists.

Before I proceed, indulge me to let them in on a little secret that is if they are no longer aware, journalists are getting sick and tired of their press conferences. They are compelled to come and cover because they are assigned by their superiors, let to them alone, one day they will call a press conference and not a single journalist will show up. One hardly settles to write a story, before another invitation arrives.

I don’t know what strategy the old men have, but Ghanaians are becoming sick and tired of the whining, the latest being the most ridiculous I have heard.

Who is Nana AddoDankwaAkufo-Addo, but a presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, I am not questioning his credentials, competence and capacity, but I am looking at him as a politician.

Metro Mass Transit buses, have been branded with the pictures of our presidents both past and present. The NPP, wants the picture of Nana Addoon the buses too, because President John DramaniMahama’s picture is on the buses.

Martin Amidu,must be rejoicing by now and saying, if only the NPP, whilst in power had recognized him as a shadow Vice-President, perhaps today, Nana Addo, will also have been a shadow President.

He was taunted, humiliated and called names, now that the shoe is on the other leg, you want Nana Addo’s picture on MMT buses, because President Mahama is there.

What about AkuaDonkor, Hassan Ayariga, Odike, don’t they also deserve to have their pictures on the buses, or they are less human and Ghanaians than Nana Addo.

The joke is becoming too much, the desperation, coupled with hunger is driving them insane. What at all motivate our politicians, what drives them, and here am not just limiting it to the NPP, but all politicians, I think they have no clue to their calling. All they think, dream about is power.

We do not have any parallel president or government in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and President Mahama, will never be in power forever, one day, just not this year, the table will turn and whoever leads the NPP, and by extension Ghana, will have his picture, not only on buses, but in the annals of the country’s history.

Who remembers Prof. AduBoahen, why is the NPP not calling for his picture on the buses, the answer is simple, he was only an opposition leader and a presidential candidate of the NPP, finito.

If they want Nana Addo’s picture on the buses, they know what to do, go to Ghanaians tell them the alternative policies they have, convince them that, you can do better than President Mahama, and if they so wish, they will give you the mandate.

The baby tears are beginning to irritate people, they now talk to themselves rather than Ghanaians, are you the one to remind someone when the person is hungry, you cannot cry, as we say more than the bereaved, when that happens, your motive will begin to be questioned.

What alternative policies are they proposing, how do you expect to win a 21st century war, with 18th century generals?

The likes of C.kTedam, I.C Quaye, MikeOquaye, Hackman OwusuAgyeman, AddoKufuor, etc, are all tired. The brains no longer comprehend anything relevant. They see things like Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, how do you expect to win a war with such worn out Generals.

When they want Nana Addo’s pictures on buses, they can go and see the owners of VIP buses, pay and have his pictures embossed on them.

The MMT buses are for Ghana and Ghanaians and as far as this country and its citizens are concern, Nana Addo, is only an opposition leader, and so his pictures cannot be on the buses.

They need to get serious, the elections is just a few months away, the other political parties and their candidates are touching base with Ghanaians and all the NPP, does is complain.

The presidency is not their birthright, it is not a monarch, where it is your turn and my turn, this is a Constitutional democracy, where the people, have a right of choice, they have chosen, John DramaniMahama and so shall it remain until November 7.

What is wrong with NPP? Kwame Ansu-Gyamfi . You guys need a proper revolution in your party to get rid of people of a certain age. This sort of self harm is becoming the hallmark this once great party. Sad

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