Nana Addo Is Only Interested In Building Castles In The Air For Votes


The platitude offered by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has reached a point of no return.

The relentless crave for power has increasingly allowed the man to grow into a cankerworm that continues to feed on the ignorance of his supporters.

This year’s election, promises to be one of the fought for election, since 1992 when we embraced multi-party democracy. The stakes are not only high for the contenders; it is only high for the ever increasing sophisticated electorates.

Honesty has since been abandoned as the best policy. Our politicians are now on a roller coaster promising heaven and earth.

Power, has become the most priced commodity in this country, a lot of politicians parading around as the apostles of what is good, have no clue,
what the Ghanaian people want and desire.

The flagbearer of the NPP, since his election, has used every opportunity he gets to compare Ghana to one country after another, or comparing himself to one octogenarian leader after another.

Not too long ago, the darling leader for Nana Addo, was Muhammed Buhari of Nigeria, who made the headlines in the first few months of his presidency. He breathed a new lease of life and presented some semblance of hope to the Nigerian people, when the basic necessities of life, they used not to enjoy, suddenly became available, example is electricity.

When the honeymoon ended, Buhari was confronted with the real monster that has affected past leaders before him, and one year after his investiture, the man is still crawling. The problems confronting Nigeria today, are getting worse by the day.

The good General, does not have a clue, how to navigate Nigeria, out of the difficult waters, it finds itself.

Nana Addo, has suddenly jumped ship, when that vessel was sinking, he now finds solace in Alasane Oattara, of Ivory Coast.

Nana Addo, has every right to engage in this lazy exercise, my problem is that, every country is unique, although the problems facing the world today are the same, the approach are different, because the enormity of the problems, are completely different.

Cote D’Ivoire, could possibly be doing better than Ghana, but certainly not in all the sectors of the economy.

We are a country on our own right, leading in some spheres of life. Our benchmark is not Ivory Coast that country should rather be learning from us.
Nana Addo, only last week, said when God forbid, he becomes President, he would make Ghana like Korea.

The man is only interested in building castles in the air. What is missing in all his platitudes is how.

How can we be like Ivory Coast, how can Ghana be like Korea?In fact the dream of every child born in Ghana, is for Ghana to be like the United States of America, where opportunities abound for everyone.

Korea and Cote D’Ivoire is not the ultimate for Ghanaians, our forbear, did not envision such a low standard for us.

We are greater even in our current situation than the two countries, Nana Addo, is promising us, the potential that this country hold, is not in the
hands of Nana Addo to unleash.

If Nana Addo, wants Ghanaians to take him serious, he should stop making empty promises, he should begin to advance pragmatic and time tested solutions to whatever problems he thinks is confronting this country.

The politics of promises, must be left to candidates like Hassan Ayariga and Akua Donkor, and not an experience politician like Nana Addo.

There is the need to note that there is a big dissimilarity between the fantasy Nana Addo, has in his head about the transformation this country needs and the one the people legitimately yearn for.

Change is not just visions and drawing road maps. Ghanaians have seen that many times before, the NPP, prior to winning power in 2000, they promised to transform all Zongos in the country into high class residential areas.

What Ghanaians expect from those seeking to govern us, is concerted action and a candidate, who does not only do the talk but also walk the talk.

As things stand now, Nana Addo, is only good at talking, we have heard enough of him in 2008, 2012 and now 2016, if he does not change the path, he wants to pursue to the presidency, on November 7, when the Electoral Commissioner, announce the results of the election, he would have himself to blame. Not that I want him to win, but he could minimize the loss,by retiring with his chest out and honourably.

I would like to be able to give the NPP and Nana Addo a slice of the doubt that, they could see the light, sooner rather than later, but nothing seem to be changing.

This is the same old menace of shadowy figures and moving targets. It has proved capable only of decay, disillusionment and death.

What does the future hold? That is pretty clear to me. An orange tree will not yield apples. That is why the NPP may cling to the present, but
it will not write the future.

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