Nana Addo Is Coming, When At All Will He Arrive


Since 2007, when he first made the unrealistic attempt of leading the country, his handlers and supporters have spared no time in telling us that, he is coming.

The septuagenarian after two unsuccessfulelections is yet to arrive. The question the overzealous members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who see in him as a Messiah, has failed to ask is, why is it taking him forever to arrive?

They have never been one route to reaching any destination, except to heaven, even there, reasons will vary as our capacities and capabilities to perform our one task on earth, which is to worship our creator varies.

The NPP, must also answer the question, if the message is good, why is the messenger incapable of delivering it.

I do not doubt the capacity of the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana AddoDankwaAkufo-Addo, if for nothing at all as boy growing up in the late 90s, he was one of my role models. When I became a man and am able to think well and decipher issues, I came to the realization that, I was misled by his bravado and phonetics.

I forgave myself, because as a child my father was my hero, until I grew up and realize that, he was just who he is, my father.

The NPP could boast of good and capable men, with the requisite experience and exposure, needed to turn any country around, but the party is rather fixated on an individual, who has proven over and over again that, he does not take what it takes to win an election, let alone govern a country.
Governance is a serious business, as they themselves, will make us believe, but when it comes to the choice of a candidate, they shoot themselves in the foot by going for someone, who cannot govern.

They have ended up exposing themselves, in the sense that, they are only interested in the power and not who can best manage the country.

They think or believe a candidate’s ability to win elections depends on the number of times he runs, how sad, shallow and pathetic.

As a parent, if your child is four years old and all he or she can do is to crawl, then you should know that, there is something wrong with that child, you do not need a doctor to tell you that.

They are standards for measuring achievements, progress and growth, Nana Addo since 2008, unlike the fighters who have come from behind to snatch victory and the success stories that is perhaps informing their avowed choice of Nana Addo, has not seen their votes decline after every election.

Nana Addo, loses is akin to a child who is four years and still struggles to even crawl, the question is when will he walk and learn to run?

Countries all over the world are making progress, Ghana cannot be an exception, it is the reason why, I sincerely believe Nana Addo, does not understand the dynamics of the 21st century politics.

‘Nana beba’, meaning Nana will come, is what we have been hearing every day, my four years old niece, always asks me, who is Nana and when will he arrive.

My answer to the innocent boy’s question is that, Nana Addo, is now like Jesus Christ, no one knows the hour, nor the day, he is going to come. He might come in the night like a thief.

Nana Addo, will and can only come in the night, because he is a bad and faithless loser. I cannot for the life of me, understand why Nana Addo, if after eight years, has not arrived, I am wondering when he will ever get down.

We have a saying that, your eyes, will see Canaan, but your leg will not touch the soil of the land. Nana Addo, will fantasize, he will dream, he will wish, but the presidency will continue to elude him, until he accept the fact that, it is God who makes leaders, and changes them by several means and you cannot become one with tactical tricks.

Nana Addo’s insatiable and unbridled desire to be President at all cost, has not only led to the loss of lives, but many properties as well.

One man want to be President and many people must be sacrifice, why is this the case? Is it that it is no longer public service, because I see it as a burden to be President or Member of Parliament (MP), the pressure and demands from our people, because they do not understand the concept of democracy or because our leaders in the quest for power make outrageous promises, including building bridges, where there are no rivers.

Nana Addo is making his last and final attempt to arrive, so far he has not again prepared the land for safe landing. The final attempt is the one leaving many casualties in its wake. Blood have been spilled, including that of a regional chairman, the first time in the political history of this country, a Member of Parliament, have been slain, another first, party faithful have also been axed.

Both the National Chairman of the party and the General Secretary have been suspended, party members, who have had disagreements with the candidature of Nana Addo, have all been told to go to hell.

The happenings in the party are unprecedented; my fear is that, they portend danger for our nascent democracy. Parties in the future have a reference point, albeit negative, all because one man wants to be President.

Nana bebayensoro, translated to mean, although Nana will come, we are not afraid, why? Because he will not arrive.

The race is over for him, those he started the competition with have crossed the line and resting at home, he has to accept the fact that, his time is over. Ghana is already transforming, change is happening. We do not want to change the driver. The journey with President John Dramani Mahama,has been smooth so far and nobody parks in the middle of a highway.

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