NABCO Is Becoming Another National Shame

On October 17, President Akufo-Addo, in another populist act, graduated 100, 000 beneficiaries of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) at the Independence square in Accra.

Speaking on Joy FM’s news analysis programme, Newsfile on October 20, the national coordinator of the programme, Dr. Ibrahim Anyass, told the host, Samson Lardi Ayenini, that the beneficiaries, would start work on November 1.

We thought the stage was set for the beneficiaries to start work on the promised date as promised by the president and the national co-ordinator of the programme.

It was obvious at the time, he was making the pronouncement that, there was no way the beneficiaries were going to start work on November 1.

In our editorial of October 19, we questioned why the beneficiaries were paraded in a public embarrassment in the name of graduation, when they have not yet been posted. What training did they undergo to be graduated?

We feel a sense of repulsion at the behavior of the government, which keep given dates and failing to meet their won deadlines.

Few days ago, the beneficiaries received text messages to report to their district, municipal or metropolitan assemblies, where they registered apparently to be posted.

This time around, it was not to start work or be posted, but rather they were told to go and come back again on Monday.

This has now become a common and distressing fixture that, whenever a promise is made, authourities fail to live up to it.

Some of them, have even been posted to district, metropolitan or district assemblies, where they did not register and will have to look for accommodation, when the posting eventually comes.

The whole programme like the Free Senior High School (SHS) and many of the government programmes, have not been properly thought through, they are at best political vehicles, just to score political points. NABCO, is also shockingly becoming a campaign issue.

To guard against this unbecoming act, the government must eat the humble pie and apologise to the beneficiaries, who have been promised since May to start work.

The government, must look back into history, if it does, it will realise that any programme that is not well planned fail eventually.

Unemployment must not be a punishment.


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