NabCo; Another Failed Political Promise?

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, earlier this year, when he appeared before the August House to present the budget, announced the government’s plan to create 100,000 jobs for unemployed graduates, who have completed their national service, but have not landed permanent jobs.

Christened, Nation Builders Corps (NaBCO), president, Akufo-Addo, launched it on May 1, during the May Day Celebration, in Kumasi the capital of the Ashanti region.

The introduction of NaBCO, as an employment alternative is, a welcome and timely development that should be embraced.

The programme, has seven models namely; The Feed Ghana, Heal Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Educate Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Civic Ghana, and Digitise Ghana.

The beneficiaries, were supposed to have started work on August 1, 2018, but for inexplicable reasons, it was postponed to October.

Like many of the programmes since the birth of this administration, NaBCO, is motivated by politics, rather than a well-thought programme, which is aimed at reducing graduate unemployment.

Applicants since the beginning of registration, to interview, to eventual posting, have had to endure unpleasant experiences, which goes to compound their already existing frustration of being jobless.

The unfortunate ones, have had their applications pending, anytime they log onto the website of NaBCO, for no particular reason.

As things stand now, the worry of most applicants is not only that they are still struggling to go through the final step of the process, it is also because today is October 1, when they are supposed to have started work.

The government has every reason to look back into history. If it does, it will realise that most programmes that are rushed through without broad stakeholder engagements, especially with opposition political parties, which are governments in waiting, has failed.

Successful applicants, were asked to report to their respective assemblies last week Tuesday for possible posting, the situation at the assemblies, can best be described as chaotic, as the officers, did not know what they were about.

As a newspaper, we are particularly worried that, if the process has been dogged with unavoidable missteps, since its introduction, what will happen when government, starts paying allowance of applicants?





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