My songs are popular than the ones you nominated – Lil Win fires VGMA


Actor cum musician, Kojo Nkansah popularly known as Lil Win has berated Charter House, organizers of Ghana Music Awards to do better job by nominating songs that are popular and stop being bias.

The actor cum singer noted that, most of his songs he released in the under review are more popular than the ones the awards scheme nominated for this year’s awards.

Lil Win when asked why he songs were not nominated in this year’s VGMA, told host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa that, he is surprise why he songs were not nominated in any of the category in this year’s VGMA Awards even though his songs are popular but because the organizers think he is an actor and not a musician.

“The organizers see me as an actor and not a musician, they don’t see the need in awarding me as a musician unlike Europe, regardless of where you are, you will still be awarded but it isn’t the same in Ghana. But the thing is, most of my songs are more popular than the artistes they nominate and the fans cheer to my performances more than those artistes”.

Lil Win added that, even though he songs were not nominated, when he sees his fans cheering and chanting his name, that alone is more than any award to him.

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